Coca-Cola Starts Talking Openly About Obesity but Doesn't Admit Any Blame (VIDEO)

coke ad coming togetherYou'd have to be living under a rock to not know we're living through a serious obesity epidemic. And in turn, it seems like everyone's out to pinpoint the one most prominent culprit: Soda. But Big Soda's kept their "cans sealed" on the issue ... until now. Coca-Cola has released a new ad today that acknowledges the elephant in the room. The company says they want to be a stronger voice in the intensifying debate over sodas and their impact on health, and they highlight their track record of making low-calorie and calorie-controlled alternatives to full-on, sugar-packed Big Gulps of Coke.

It's a bold move, and a necessary one, because when politicians and the media seem to be targeting soda as the cause for obesity -- which is totally nuts -- it's not like they could stay mum anymore. But I'm still skeptical.


While I appreciate that they seem to be making strides to create "healthier" alternatives, there is still a lot of work to be done by Coke and other mainstream soda companies. Mostly because there are known routes they could be taking to make their products healthier that they're "still investigating." Like why must they persist in using high-fructose corn syrup -- research-proven to be a big part of the problem -- in full-calorie sodas instead of natural sugar? Why must they persist in using lab-made artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose -- shown to contribute to weight gain in their own way -- in their diet sodas? These are issues that could be easily remedied by steering in a more natural direction ... by using sweeteners like sugar, agave syrup, or zero-calorie stevia.

So, yeah, calories are calories, but this new ad makes it seem like it doesn't matter what those calories are made up of, be it something totally natural from the Earth or a chemical made in a lab that's shown to promote weight gain. Clearly, there's a difference!

And ultimately, any fitness expert will tell ya though is that we should only be drinking water ... But I'd bet the occasional soda would be way more palatable to health nuts if its producers would work even harder and faster to abandon this highly processed, chemical-laden train they've been on ever since, well, the obesity epidemic was born.

You can check out Coke's new ad here ...

What do you think of the ad? Do you feel like their current aims don't go far enough to make soda healthier?


Image via CocaColaCo/YouTube

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