Lesbian Couple at Restaurant Gets Nasty Anti-Gay Letter From Owner (VIDEO)

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lesbian couple gets restaurant letterWhen couple Arielle and Shawnee McPhail went out for lunch together at The Sting Ray Cafe in New Bern, North Carolina, they expected a good meal and a bill at the end of the lunch. But they got a little something extra: An anti-gay letter from the restaurant owner. Gee, thanks for the indigestion!

Just as they were leaving, owner Ed McGovern handed them a letter and asked the lesbian couple to reevaluate their lives. And going by the letter, I don't think he was referring to their taste in food. Wow, way to show some hospitality! Here's what the letter said. Hold onto your hats.

God said in the last days that man and wom[a]n would be lover of self, more [than] the lover of God.

That man and woman would have unnatural [affection] for one another. Then, the coming of the Son of Man, who is Jesus. So please, look at your life. See how it hurt[s] everyone around you. And ask the Lord to open your eye[s] before it [is] to[o] late.

The Love of Christ

P.S. my daughter also was gay. It destroy[ed] her life and my grandson.

Wow ... feeling this strongly about homosexuality that you'd ambush your own customers with unsolicited advice? I just can't understand that. It's so rude! I think even Christ would shudder at this letter, for crying out loud. And throwing in that detail about his daughter, too. That's way too personal.

Anyway, welcome to The Sting Ray Cafe, where your crab cakes come with a side order of DAMNATION. Shawnee says it's not like they were totally making out at their table -- they just held hands. But I guess McGovern feels okay about losing a couple of sinner customers.

It looks like he may end up losing a whole bunch of sinner customers, as a matter of fact. His restaurant got slammed with angry comments on Yelp. I think people are justified in expressing their horror at the owner's bigotry. But I wonder if their comments will actually change the owner's mind? If the point is to make this world a more welcoming place, one restaurant at a time, maybe more people could take the approach this Yelper did:

First of all I think your letter you gave was not appropriate, but I am not a believer in trashing a business with one star in which I have never personally dined in their establishment. Please think before you do this again it can really hurt someones feelings. Sounds like your food is good from the people who have actually been there!!!!

Aww, that's kind of a sweet, peace-making note. And it probably stands a better chance of changing the restaurant owner's heart, too. Still, I think if I lived in the area, I'd probably never eat at that restaurant. Knowing that certain people aren't welcome there just because of their sexual orientation makes a place a lot less hospitable in general.

Do you think it was rude for the restaurant owner to express his disapproval to his customers, Arielle and Shawnee?


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tbruc... tbrucemom

I don't think the owner has the right to do what he did but he does have the right to "refuse service to anyone" and people have the right to not eat there if they don't want to based on his beliefs.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

I think the owner rocks for standing up in this manner. The letter was not mean or bashing. He didn't confront them for all to hear. He let them enjoy their meal... I think both sides of the fence have a right to be heard

Doomy234 Doomy234

While I do think it was incredibly rude for him to confront them like that, I believe he does have the right to say what he wants to his customers, as he owns the business and he can share his beliefs if he wants. Doesnt mean I think its justified, and it definitely wont earn him a whole lot of repeat customers if he keeps it up.

lovem... lovemyson1224

If his convictions were so strong why did he take their money. Yes he has a constitutional right to say what he wants but it seems pretty hypocritical to me that he would take their money if he thinks they are so evil.

mommy... mommytojack0524

The article doesn't mention how he identified them as a lesbian couple. From what the article says, they were just two women having lunch. Maybe they paid one check. My friends and I do that from time to time. Who knows?  It's just interesting to me that he assumed they were a couple.

Also, if he is intent on them re-examing their choices, he picked the wrong method to bring about that change.

Mason... MasonsMom503

@FarmersWife- The lesbian couple wasn't trying to be heard, they were just trying to have a meal.

Just a thought- What if the note was instead telling you that you're a poor excuse of a wife or mother? Would you still think it was ok?

Personally, I think the note was inappropriate and rude.

nonmember avatar Brandy

Am I the only one missing where he stated 'they weren't welcome in his restaurant'?

Mason... MasonsMom503

Brandy- Would you feel welcome in a restaurant after the owner told you that you that you're going to ruin your life? When you just wanted to eat?

bleed... bleedingheart8D

If he didn't agree with their lifestyle, then he shouldn't have taken their money. Period! Also, none of his business.

randamda randamda

Yes he has the right to voice his opinion even if it is an ignorant, judgemental, and hateful opinion. I feel for this couple. It is so sad when just expressing your love and trying to eat takes an act of courage. They seem to be handling it in a very mature way. I have a temper and probably would started a protest outside his restaurant. Yes a protest against assholes is exactly what I would have done.

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