'Mad Men' Season 6 Will Be Full of Surprises, but We Know There Will Be Drinks Like These (VIDEO)

don draper roger sterling drinkingMad Men fans feel like we're in the dark when it comes to, well, just about everything that's going to happen in season 6 (with the exception of Megan and Don's apparent trip to Hawaii) and even the AMC hit's premiere date. But no matter what happens to the employees of Sterling Draper Cooper (Pryce?) and Peggy Olson, there's one constant we can depend on: Drinking!

Seems like not an episode goes by wherein Don and Co. aren't downing Manhattans, old-fashioneds, and classic martinis galore! Hey, it was the '60s -- everyone drank like a fish, right? One reason it's amusing to watch this awesome viral video, courtesy of Slackatory.com, which features every single on-screen drink on Mad Men from the five seasons to date in just under five minutes ...


Yup, that's a whole lotta liquor! Geeze, the '60s, free-flowin' drinking office culture really was so much different than today. And as appealing as all those mid-day cocktails may look at times -- especially when we're having a day that reminds us of one of Don's worst -- we're probably better off these days as a result ... (At least those of us who aren't chugging as much soda as SCDP did booze!)

What I wanna know is how many of those were for-real (as in actually alcoholic) on-screen? And does this clip include any non-alcoholic drinks? Hmmmmm ... Oh, pfft, who am I kidding! Sally, Bobby, and Gene Draper are probably the only ones not imbibing whiskey on the regular! 

Is your mind blown by all the drinking they do on Mad Men?!

Image via AMC

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