Woman Plans to Eat Starbucks-Only Diet for a Whole Year

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starbucks cupI love Starbucks as much as the next chick with a Starbucks Rewards Gold card. I have a favorite breakfast wrap (I'll take the Spinach & Feta, plz) and roast (Blonde, yum). I buy the beans and brew 'em at home. So, yeah, you could say I consume a lot of Starbucks products on a regular basis. But I draw the line at eating every single meal for an entire year at the coffee chain. AKA what a Seattle blogger legally named Beautiful Existence has vowed to do.

If this sounds familiar, you might be thinking of the woman who lost 85 pounds by eating a Starbucks-only diet. This is a totally different woman, and her goal doesn't seem to be weight loss. Nope, instead, her mission seems to have something to do with finding the answer to the question, "How can eating only one company’s products impact me, anybody?" Think Super-Size Me mission from a woman's perspective, I guess? Because it sounds like Beautiful is annoyed that Morgan Spurlock isn't a chick.

She writes on her blog:

Well Mr. McDonald’s already proved that question years ago with his documentary, and Mr. Subway did his take on the loosing weight portion of the food challenges too. But when I watched those guys doing their thing I asked myself “where are the WOMEN challenging themselves in the world?” “Where are the effects being shown on a woman’s culture? A woman’s family & children? A woman’s diet, weight, fashion, checkbook, community and world through challenges?” “Where is HER VOICE on how an international company is directly or indirectly impacting everything from her waistline to her bottom line and every other woman’s, man’s, child’s, societies and planets world with their presence?

So it's a feminist pursuit, in other words? Hmm. Still. If she were to take on a company that was bashed for having antibiotics and hormones in their products, I'd get it. Maybe it has something to do with patronizing a company that's proven itself to be one of the most devoted to going green? And she'll tie that to her personal adventures in womanhood? Who the hell knows ...

I can't really see how eating only Starbucks food for a year could really affect anyone in groundbreaking, social study-worthy ways. Other than to possibly drain your bank account more quickly than if you were to buy and prepare your own foods. And as the woman who lost weight on it illustrated, it's not like someone would necessarily get fat or wreck their cholesterol or blood sugar by eating it exclusively. It's by no means the equivalent of Whole Foods groceries, but Starbucks food is healthier than ever, and healthier than many chains' offerings. (Not to mention that Seattle Starbucks have the healthiest food -- and fresh juices! -- the rest of us aren't privileged enough to have yet. Ugh!)

So, ultimately, I have no idea what Beautiful Existence is going to conclude from 24/7/365 of Turkey Rustico Paninis and Ancho Chili Chicken Collard wraps. But I guess in a little less than 11.5 months, we'll see.

If you had to do your own version of this woman's experiment, which restaurant would you choose?

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dirti... dirtiekittie

it's a feminist movement? she's an idiot. if she wants to say "hey, i'd like to see what happens to me if i eat Starbucks for a year and get a lot of publicity for it" then knock herself out. but she's acting like no women have ever been represented by these other "food challenges". the fact is, taco bell did a "drive thru diet" where the primary spokesperson was a regular woman (she's still seen on some order boards today advertising the al fresco menu). after the jared takeoff at subway, they also showed others, including women!, who did the subway diet as well. and then, to top it off - the starbucks diet she's talking about has already been done - BY ANOTHER WOMAN! 

this is the kind of "feminist movement" that annoys me, because it's really not about feminism or women in the slightest. she just figured she could get more publicity if that's the angle she chose vs just "i'm trying to lose weight". 

nonmember avatar NoWay

She must be rich to be able to eat at Starbucks every day. And around here, they are all closed by 8pm. LOL

jalaz77 jalaz77

I wouldn't because you have shortened your life by doing this. There is zero health benefits, obviously. It was dumb for the guy to do McD's for a year cause no one eats that everyday for a year. I refuse to watch that show, he was dumb.

nonmember avatar CYU

i don't think the supersize me documentary was dumb by any means because you'd be surprised at the number of individuals who swear by eating mcdonalds numerous times a week. he started feeling the effects of the fast food very early in his journey and this demonstrated just how quickly fast food can take a toll on your health. now for this woman going on her starbucks diet, i'm not sure where she's trying to go with this... i like her feminist drive but her goals seem a little skewed.

Whipp... WhipperWhirl

She sounds like a nitwit.

nonmember avatar Amy

She is an idiot! I can't stand when people do crap like this, and don't label it as a feminist movement, get over yourself! And if you're as smart as you want to believe you are, learn the difference between loosing and losing.

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