Rude Customer Leaves No Tip for Waiter & Blames Obama

There’s a time and place to make a political point, but tipping the wait staff is not one of them. Somebody left a note for his waiter instead of a tip, claiming that they didn’t have the money thanks to President Obama’s and the State of California’s progressive tax policies:

As a direct result of Proposition 30 and President Obama’s insistence that I pay “MY FAIR SHARE IN TAXES,” I find that I must cut back on discretionary spending and gratuities.

I wish it didn’t have to be this way for both of us.


Californians passed Prop 30 last November -- it raises tax rates on the rich job creators as well as the sales tax.

To be clear, this California girl did not vote for Prop 30, and was very disappointed that it passed. We are losing too many businesses already, and now even more are going to close up shop and move to Texas. However, I would never take it out on my waiter.

Did this person even bother to find out if the waiter voted for Obama? It’s entirely possible that they voted for Mitt Romney, and even more likely that they sat the election out. Is that even an appropriate conversation to have with one’s waiter? Does the political affiliation of people in the service industry matter more than, oh, let’s say … their level of service? I hope not.

It’s unfair to the waiter to eat out, and then stiff them on the tip because you don’t have enough money. If you have enough money to eat out, you have enough money to tip. Otherwise stay home and make a sandwich. Don’t punish your waiter to make a political statement: That’s not being clever, it’s just being plain old rude. Servers often make minimum wage or less, and rely on tips as part of their income.

If you are going to make a political statement, why not over tip to point out the fact that overall, Republicans are far more generous than Democrats? That would probably go a lot further in changing minds than leaving jerky notes that give the rest of us Obama-critics a bad rap.

Do you think this is a valid political statement or just out of line?

Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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