Unbelievable Domino's Pizza With Kobe Beef Sounds Worth the Insane Cost


Move over, machine-macerated chicken and MSG-laced pepperoni. Pizza's got a new topping in town, and it goes by the name of Kobe beef steak. Ever heard of it? Yeah, it's like the Prada of meats and Domino's is now serving it on top of some specialty pies.

Just when you thought Cool Ranch Doritos Locos from Taco Bell was the best news in the fast food industry, Domino's goes and does something like this, and totally redeems themselves.

There is, however, a significant price tag associated with this sort of pizza pie delicacy.


It'll cost you an estimated $1,300. There's the $1,040 round-trip ticket from New York to Tokyo, the $200 you'll spend on one night in a hotel, and $66 for the pizza.

Yes, the Kobe beef steak pizza is only available in Japan, and only for another week or so. If you want it, you'll have to fly over ASAP.

It might be worth it, though. The Domino's pie comes topped with Kobe beef steak (obvs), potatoes, onions, and deluxe steak sauce. That sounds better to me than Pizza Hut's burger, nugget, and hot dog stuffed slices and it sounds better than their perfume, too. Domino's 2, Pizza Hut 0.

And think of the story you could tell your kids about that time you dropped everything, emptied your bank account, and flew to Tokyo for a one-night-only binge fest on a Kobe beef pizza from Domino's. They'll think you're the coolest person ever, then petition to have their college funds relinquished to their control. But still, worth it.

How does a Kobe beef steak pizza sound to you?


Photo via emrank/Flickr

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