Hilarious Fast Food Drive-Through Prank Captures Priceless Reactions (VIDEO)


God, I love a good prank. Not an obnoxious trouble-causing prank like the Kate Middleton hospital disaster, mind you, but a really funny, harmless prank where the victims are helplessly cracking up in the midst of their WTF-ing. (Although I cannot lie, I laughed like hell at this awful elevator prank, which is seriously beyond cruel.)

I feel like I haven't seen a truly awesome, original hidden-camera prank in a while, which is why this fast food drive-through gag is so deeply satisfying. It has all the elements of a great trick: it's clever, it doesn't get anyone in trouble, and the victims' reactions are downright priceless.

If you only watch one fast food drive through prank video today, MAKE IT THIS ONE.

So here's the setup: Rahat "the Magician Prankster" made himself a big clunky car seat costume, which allowed him to roll his vehicle up to fast food drive-through windows as though the car was completely empty. That's it! That's the entire gag. Sounds simple, right? But oh my aching sides, wait until you see the reactions from the fast food workers:

There's a lot to love there, right? How about the person who says, "Am I trippin' son?" before instructing a fellow worker to “Instagram dat joint”? Or the guy at 2:40 who opens the window … shuts the window … opens the window … shuts the window … and opens the window, while staring all over the place? Or the lady's who just like, "Really? ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

Props to Mr. Rahat for executing the perfect prank, and kudos to the workers for being such good sports about the whole thing.

What would your reaction have been if you saw a seemingly driverless car like that?

Image via YouTube

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

I needed a laugh today, thanks!

pinki... pinkiebling

BRILLIANT. I laughed so hard!

mommy... mommyof5cutties

His other videos are funny and clever some of them. His old time magic tricks are neat.

Melis... Melissa1508

OMG...hilarious!  We were crying.  Look at the Static Shock Prank Series too...so funny!

Cookie Gamble Fernández

You're right. This is a funny prank, unlike the girl in the elevator that could have killed someone. Good one, sharing :)

Santa Wify

Among its innovations, the company allowed customers to see the food being prepared. White Castle was successful from its inception and spawned numerous competitors. Thank you.
grass fed natural lamb

Tammy Drawdy

Where's the invisible driver video? What's showing is a ceral ghost prank! :(

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