Man Finds 'Wrinkled Brain' in His Fast Food Fried Chicken

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brainHave you had lunch already? Not munching anything at the moment? Seriously, put your food away while you read this. I'll wait. Okay, here it is: A man found what appeared to be a "wrinkled brain" in his fried chicken. (I've included a link to the original story but please, I beg of you, save yourself years of therapy and do NOT look at the picture. My eyes, my eyes! I can never un-see that photo.)

Shudder. Okay, that's sick. But listen. It's not as bad as it sounds! I mean, it's still kind of bad. This is not something I would ever want to happen to me or any of my loved ones. But I just want you to know that ALL IS NOT AS IT APPEARS.

It turns out that "brain" was actually just kidney -- or so says a KFC spokesperson. Ibrahim Langoo is a student in the U.K. (at least this happened outside the U.S.) who made the unpleasant discovery in his KFC fried chicken meal when he tried to pull some of the chicken off the bone.

When he found what he describes as a "horrible, wrinkled foreign body," he threw it back down and felt "grim and really sick," as one usually does when one finds a horrible, wrinkled foreign body in one's food. No one at the restaurant was able to help him, so he complained online, sending along the hideous photo. They wrote back immediately, apologizing and offering coupons for free food, which is the right thing to do but ... hm ...

Anyway, does it make anyone feel better that this was just kidney, not brain? After all, people eat kidney -- on purpose. Some people. Not me, usually. But people. Still, it's not what Ibrahim ordered. And if they were just fried like that, the texture was probably kind of mushy and weird. And also, how the hell did the kidney get in there?!?

Yeah, I'd still be freaked out.

What would you do if you found brain-looking objects in your food?


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miray... mirayou7912

Knowing that it was a kidney, and not a brain doesn't make me feel better in the slightest. When I go to KFC, I want Kentucky Fried CHICKEN! Not Kidney! Ugh! that's so gross.

onefo... onefootcutiepie

People eat brain on purpose too. Just sayin

kelti... kelticmom

Ugh. I know steak and kidney pie is a UK favorite, but this turns my stomach. Bleh.

Doomy234 Doomy234

Mm. Brains.


I've had that happen to me too. Chicken joints do not clean a bird the way you at home,which is why I never ask for the breast anymore, because its usually attached to a part of the back;where the kidneys are.

SKDMo... SKDMom1020

It seems to be awful big to be a chicken kidney.

kellynh kellynh

Yuck!! I once found half a cricket in a can of beans. Switched to frozen... Ewwww

timon95 timon95

that's gross!

douxm... douxmusique

Iy totally looks like a brain.

tuffy... tuffymama

I eat kidneys, but they've been soaked in milk to purge what kidneys cleanse, and they sure as hell don't come from factory birds. If you think a kidney is the worst thing you'll eat at a fast food restaurant, then you should expect to live a short life from all the crap you eat.

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