Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Unbelievable Behavior at Restaurant Should Win Them an Award

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robert pattinson kristen stewart mexican restaurantThe greatest gift any restaurant could ever get might just be a celeb drop-in. The most miraculous gift? A ROBSTEN drop-in, obvy! And Mestizo, a Mexican joint in London, won the publicity lotto a few days back when the famous Breaking Dawn lovebirds made the choice to dine at their fine establishment.

Not only was there sufficient buzz that the couple ate there -- which is amazing in itself -- but the cute couple was also sweet enough to take a photo with some of the Mestizo employees ... and then green-light Mestizo putting the pic up on their Facebook page with the caption, "With customers@mestizo." How amazing is that?!

Really, it's not every day that Robsten goes out of their way to be, well, "Robsten" in public. We hear they dine out quite frequently, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time they've actually done the "celeb" shtick (which they both act like they loathe) while visiting a restaurant. And how utterly refreshing is it that their version of the "celeb" shtick is basically 180 degrees from other stars' versions? As in, they clearly aren't making headlines here for being entitled brats or for throwing epic tantrums like some people (cough Diana Ross!).

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On the other hand, they're getting much-deserved cred for being completely cool. They didn't have to take that photo or even let the restaurant put it up on their Facebook page. But I guess they figured they'd be doing them a solid, and it's no skin off their backs! 

I'm not saying I expect celebs to always take time out of their hectic schedule/hot dates to come out from under their baseball cap disguises in public to help promote a little local restaurant like this. But when they do, doesn't it reflect so much better on them than when they throw supreme hissy fits? I'd say so.

How sweet was this?!


Image via Facebook

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nonmember avatar Guest

They take a picture with fans and they shoud get an award? Really?

tuffy... tuffymama

We have a president who got the Nobel for NOTHING. Certainly these chumps deserve recognition for going out to eat.

AMom29 AMom29

Jealous much, Tuffymama?


Anyway, this is nice to see.  At least they aren't like Bieber, who thinks that if someone else takes a picture of him, he owns it.

tuffy... tuffymama

And what, pray tell, is supposedly inciting jealousy in me? Do you know what jealous means? Weirdo.

nonmember avatar weavermomo

It is nice to hear when celebs do not act like they are above others. This is very cool.


Please brush that chip off your shoulder.

zaina... zainab889

I love seeing them together

hexxuss hexxuss

Some celebrities charge over $100 for a signature - expect to pay more if you want a picture with them, and don't expect to share it. I think it's cool that they're basically acting like down-to-earth, regular people, and in today's holly-weird, it IS something to celebrate, especially with the most hermit-ish couple from there lol.

Lori Martinson Cyples

Glad to see the site is actually showing them together!  Most of the time it's all about the rumors of them splitting up!  Good to see them together!

Lorraine Pohl

I take back all the negative comments I've ever made about these two.

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