Hot Chocolate Really Does Taste Better in This Color Mug

orangemugI tend to be skeptical about studies suggesting certain colors influence our thoughts and feelings. You know, like how a lot of restaurants are supposed to have red tablecloths because red supposedly makes people want to eat/buy more, and psychiatric wards paint the walls green because it's supposed to be soothing, etc.

But when I heard about a recent test conducted to find out if color can affect the way we taste, I'll admit I was intrigued. Mostly because the study involved hot chocolate, and it's cold outside, and I love chocolate. But also because the study's findings were sort of fascinating. Researchers had 57 people rate samples of hot chocolate that came in red, white, orange, and cream-colored cups. The samples were all exactly the same in every other way -- temperature, content, size.


The test subjects didn't know that when they were asked which hot chocolate tasted the very best of all, but for some reason, the majority of tasters preferred the hot chocolate from the orange cups. Huh! How bout that?!

Anyway, like I said, I tend to be skeptical about this kind of thing. So, since I happened to have an orange mug in the house (and the ingredients for hot chocolate), I figured I'd conduct my own little test. Which, non-scientifically, went something like this: I made some hot chocolate. I poured half of it into an orange mug and half into a green mug and put them both in front of my boyfriend and said, "Here, try these and tell me which one you like better."

He took a sip of from the orange mug. He took a sip from the green mug. He took another sip from the orange mug. "This one," he said, pointing to the orange mug.

"Well. I'll be darned," I muttered under my breath.

So apparently there's something to this whole color thing, guys. Try it out and tell us ...

Do you think hot chocolate tastes better in an orange mug?


Image via Fiona Henderson/Flickr

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