Diana Ross Throws Diva-Sized Tantrum When Restaurant Refuses to Give Her Special Treatment

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diana rossFancy restaurants -- especially those in super-rich areas with high A-list traffic -- have a rep for not only being incredibly exclusive, but for letting celebs do whatever the heck they want. Walk all over the little people, you know? That's the kind of place you might assume La Scala in Beverly Hills is. But the way they handled one of the biggest divas of all time Diana Ross's recent "Supreme" temper tantrum may prove otherwise. Apparently, at least at La Scala, even celebs -- yes, even celebs like DIANA ROSS! -- have to play by the rules.

The New York Post reports that when Ross showed up for lunch, the restaurant refused to seat her, because, like many restaurants, their policy is that they won't seat you 'til your whole party is there -- and Ross' daughter hadn't arrived yet. The diva was having none of that though.

She reportedly stormed to a booth and sat down anyway, leading management to come over and reiterate the seating policy. She was then told that if she insisted on staying in the booth, she would not be served, but she refused to move. Oooh boy!

And when the rest of Ross' "party" finally showed up, the mom-daughter duo made a big scene, and both women ended up leaving in a huff, according to sources. And if you think this was all hearsay, well, here's what the restaurant owner actually had to say about the brouhaha to the Post:

I’m sorry that Miss Ross had a problem with [our policy] and she feels that the rules didn’t apply to her. We treat everyone the same whether you’re famous or not. We love having her as a customer. We’d be happy to have her back.

Wow, do I respect this restaurant BIGTIME for the way they rolled with this! All too often it seems restaurants are fine with giving celebs or VIP diners preferential treatment, letting them walk all over their hosts, wait staff, other patrons, doing whatever they please. But what does that say to others who wish to dine there? That they're not nearly as special or important, not a priority? A great restaurant should make every patron feel like a priority, like everyone's on a level playing field.

That said, while Ross may have nothing to do with La Scala again, the way they handled her obnoxious behavior reflects so well on them, I'd bet they'll get even more biz as a result!

What do you make of Diana's temper tantrum? Do you think La Scala handled it the right way?


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Vegeta Vegeta

Never heard of her. She can follow the rules like everyone else.

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

Haha good for them! I hate people thinking they are better then everybody else

nonmember avatar Reed

She is nearly 70 with a recently broken ankle. I hope they don't make everyone that age with that issue wait! (just because of their policy) Sounds like some waiter just wanted to flex what little power he or she had. And hey why not the restaurant got press.

nonmember avatar Meg

Vegeta, you are so right.

sand008 sand008

That's awesome. Love that. She can calm down with that entitled attitude of hers

nonmember avatar Mikel

The restaurant succeeded in getting some press. I'd never heard of if. The world knows Diana Ross. She could have said she was lunching alone & bed. Immediately seated. Much ado about NOTHING!

jessi... jessicasmom1

Money goes to their heads..

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

The restaurant did the right thing to enforce their policy and if they can take the lose of her as a  client then that is fine. but anyone else like her will also not go their either. it is their restaurant they can have and make any ridiculous policies they want. 
She just wanted to sit down. I have a hard time walking I can relate to that. I would have just left right away when they refused to let me sit down.

She has always been a World  Class Diva. I might go as far as I think she is the Original Diva lol.
They are lucky all she did was throw a fit and leave. also give them so popularity lol. People will want to go their just because she threw a fit and are curious about the restaurant now.

Having looked them up they are actually very reasonably priced for the type of restaurant they are. I would not eat their but the food sounds decent and the price is not that bad.  plus they treat everyone equal lol. 

kisse... kisses5050

 Love La Scala ...imagine two twenty year old girls who just got their first "big" pay checks taking out their boyfriends. too young to order wine...  the server treated us as if were the most famous people he had ever waited on.. he knew our bags were knock offs.. he knew our shoes where payless.. and didn't care... for two hours we were royalty.

MissF... MissFrenchie

Good for them! I manage a restaurant and let me say this right off the bat, this policy is neither unreasonable or a power play. I see people all the time come in alone, say they're waiting for another person, and then sit there for an hour plus not ordering anything. We could turn that table for someone else in that time while you wait in the bar for the rest of your party. Most (not every single one but most) restaurants have bar/lounge areas or benches in the front where you can wait, they DO NOT just arbitrarily make people stand with nowhere to sit. Ms. Ross can follow the rules just like everyone else. So once again, GOOD FOR THEM! Next time I'm in LA I'll be giving my business to La Scala. 

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