Dunkin' Donuts Dares to Try a Gluten-Free Donut -- But How Will It Taste?

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donutGluten-intolerant donuts fans rejoice: Dunkin' Donuts is working on a gluten-free donut. For real. It's a game-changer in the gluten-free goodies universe! And you know what? I believe. I think they can pull it off.

Don't get me wrong -- there will be nothing "healthier" about these donuts. They're still DONUTS, after all. But as more and more people are giving up gluten, it just makes sense that someone reinvents the donut in a way celiacs (and others) can digest. You know why else I think this is going to work? Because food bloggers have been working on it for years.

I mean, look at all the gluten-free donut recipes here. And here's another gluten-free donut recipe. And here's a gluten-free yeast donut recipe. Gluten-sensitive and celiac home bakers are ON THIS. It's so happening.

Meanwhile, Dunkin' Donuts says their testing is going well and the donuts have proved "dangerously delicious." But not dangerous in a terrible tummy ache kind of way. Just, you know, really yummy. I guess we'll see! The real trick to gluten-free baking isn't necessarily getting that yeasty poof -- it's getting that yeasty poof without that bitter aftertaste from certain substitutes.

Then again, Dunkin' Donuts kind of has a long ingredients list anyway (hey, they're a mass operation, I'm just saying), so maybe the gf substitutions won't stand out with all the other flavors. I predict gluten-free eaters who already like Dunkin' Donuts will probably be pretty happy with the new donuts.

Do you think it's possible to make a truly delicious gluten-free donut?


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poshkat poshkat

I hope it all goes well!! My sister and niece both have celiac disease and my sister misses dunkin donuts.

Doomy234 Doomy234

I always thought that gluten free desserts tasted better than non gluten free. Just tastes... More natural. Like the way that things SHOULD taste. Its hard to explain, but I can see this going well for them. :)

tifferie tifferie

I would love them to make a dairy free donut. My poor little girl wants one so bad.

whate... whatever82

Can't wait to try these!  A local bakery, which closed down, used to make them and I loved them.  They were cake-like with cinammon sugar.  I miss them terribly.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Good news for people who choose not to eat gluten, but it really doesn't change anything for people with celiac disease. They will be made and processed in the same kitchen and oil as regular donuts, so they won't be able to eat them anyway. This is just dunkin catering to the fad followers.

nonmember avatar jenny

Actually these donuts and muffins are certified gluten free. They are made and packaged in a separate facility, which makes them safe, but not fresh. I can't wait to try them, but right now they are only testing the market in very limited locations.

sukainah sukainah

I hope they can pull it off for those gluten-free eaters.

outer... outer.banks

I'd give them a try.

bamab... bamababe1975

I think if anyone can figure out how to make a yummy gluten-free donut, Dunkin Donuts can.

Pat Landy

Check out the Dough Buddies in Seattle Washington! They have a donut mix that is incredible. It just went on the market in October and it's gotten rave reviews. Real donut taste and easy to make! Www.doughbuddies.com

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