'McDreamy' Patrick Dempsey May Buy Coffee Chain & Save 500 Jobs

patrick dempseyEven though he's won our heart in more recent years playing McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey will forever, in my mind, be Ronald Miller, the geek who thought he could buy his way into the cool crowd in the classic '80s rom-com Can't Buy Me Love. But his next role could be a complete divergence from anything any of us have known him as: Coffee chain owner.

The actor is leading a business consortium hoping to purchase Tully's Coffee, a Seattle-based coffee house that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection two months ago and has closed a number of locations since. Patrick released a statement noting that he's excited about "the opportunity to save hundreds of jobs, give back to Seattle and become a larger part of the economic growth and fabric of the community." So it's not just that he's a java nut like me, eh?


Nope! It's bigger than beans for McDreamy, who went onto say:

I’ve always loved this city, and with the purchase of Tully’s Coffee, I plan to spend a lot of time in Seattle and at the stores connecting with the community and growing the Tully’s brand. It looks like Seattle may be my home away from home in the very near future.

How incredibly cool of him. Truly, coffee shops are about more than just coffee. They're a meeting place and a culture all their own. I'm sure there are people who have worked at and patronized Tully's stores for years, who could feel a real void if the company was to go under. But thanks to Patrick Dempsey, it sounds like they won't have to worry about that happening.

In fact, Dempsey's pending purchase of Tully's will save 500 jobs in Seattle alone -- likely many more, given that Tully's also has 47 stores outside of the city, in Washington state and California and 58 other locations nationwide.

While the guy's heart is obviously in the right place, I have to wonder how much he knows about running a coffee biz ...? And if he'll be able to take on the biggies (like that super nationwide coffee chain with the pretty green logo?). Seems like running a company like Tully's looks easier than it actually is. So, that's gotta be a concern here.

Nonetheless, my fingers are crossed the judge OK's Dempsey's purchase when the case hits bankruptcy court on January 11. Because, hello, maybe all Tully's needs to stay afloat is a dash of McDreamy with their joe.

Do you admire Patrick Dempsey for this move?


Image via David Merrett/Flickr

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