Awesome Wine Ice Cream Will Give You Something Way Better Than Brain Freeze

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wine ice creamYou may think that the gift giving season's over, but NO. You're wrong. It's time now to give yourself a gift for all the hard work you did this holiday. That turkey didn't cook itself, those sheets certainly didn't wash themselves, and those presents, good god, the presents definitely didn't wrap themselves. You put in a lot of effort in the past few days and now, finally, it's time you relax. And what better way to unwind than with a pint of wine ice cream? With 5 percent alcohol, it's a possibility that our dreams have come true: alcoholic ice cream is real and it's happening.

Check out their flavors! I mean, of course, duh, their varietals!


  • Cherry Merlot
  • Chocolate Cabernet
  • Peach White Zinfandel
  • Port
  • Red Raspberry Chardonnay
  • Riesling

They retail for $7.99 a pint (plus shipping), which I guess isn't too much to ask, since really they're selling hopes and dreams in small containers of frozen happiness.

And best part is, it sounds like it tastes good. I would've eaten it just for the novelty of it all, but the ice cream has won awards for its taste. Awards! I mean, as if you needed another reason to justify downing a case in the sweet darkness of your bedroom closet, there you have it.

Now all you've gotta do is find a secret freezer to keep the kids from getting into Mommy's special ice cream, and boom, happy holidays to your mouth.

One scoop of Red Raspberry Chardonnay with sprinkles, please!

Interested in trying wine ice cream?


Photo via Mercers Dairy

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nonmember avatar Gretta

I find that revolting.

hello... hellokd87

Wine... ice ..... cream. YUM!!!! I love wine and ice cream, usually not together, but if they incorporated flavors fit for the frozen goodness well than I'll have a scoop of each!!

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