Christmas Dinner at the White House: What Will the Obamas Eat This Year?

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Mac and CheeseWhat does the leader of the free world eat for Christmas dinner with the family? Probably something a little fancier than the lasagna that my family's planning on making. I bet there's turkey and ham and veggies and cakes and pies and figgy pudding ... (What is figgy pudding?)

Michelle Obama talked about what the Obama family will be having for Christmas dinner in Hawaii this year on the TODAY show. She's throwing her healthy-eating campaign to the wind this year and it sounds absolutely delicious. What will the Obamas be having?

"There's turkey, there’s string beans and stuffing, a little mac and cheese," Obama told Jenna Bush Hager. "This is the time when I throw 'Let's Move' out the window for a moment, and get that mac and cheese. Everybody deserves their mac and cheese."

Yes indeed. Mac and cheese. And the meal will end with pie. (The world can get back to exercising and cutting back on sugar on December 26.) It sounds like a nice, much-needed break for the nation's "Hostess in Chief," and one that will involve the type of carbo-loading you expect from marathon runners. Haha. But what better time than Christmas to indulge?

Here in Brooklyn, we'll likely be having that lasagna I mentioned. Maybe some sausage and meatballs. (No, we're not Italians. We just pretend to be on Christmas.) Cheesy garlic bread. Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream ... Now I'm getting hungry. 

What will your family be having for Christmas dinner?


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curly... curlygirl31

Im sure their mac n cheese wont look as nasty as that picture

nonmember avatar sand

Who gives a sh*t.

sand008 sand008

Who cares

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I don't get the whole Mac and cheese for holiday meals thing. Mac and cheese is what we make when I want something fast and easy that I can make in ten minutes and just chuck in the oven.

carole76 carole76

My mother n law is making dinner, a ham, broccoli cauliflower casserole, potatoes, fried ocra, bread.  I would love to have Mac n cheese,  when I am home that is what my mom fixes.  I love cooking, if I had a choose of what to make my menu would be a roast, potatoes, carrots, sweet potato casserole, spoon bread, and my broccoli casserole.  Yum, yum. 

PonyC... PonyChaser

For the love of Pete, every time I hear about the Obama's meal plans, it's "throw 'Let's Move' out the window and celebrate"... do they EVER follow the diets she wants everyone else to obey? Every time we see their picture with food, it's greasy burgers, ribs, etc. Parties involve massive calorie-laden buffets. Honestly, I don't give a rat's ass what they eat. I'm just sick of the "do as I say, not as I do" attitude of this administration.

Momin... MominPa74

Personally I care as much about what the Obama's eat as I care about what the people down the street eat. As for me and the others who are eating at my house... A nice smoked all day in a bbq pit brisket. And all the trimmings, egg nog to wash it down and maybe some homemade cinnamon buns for dessert. Yes I live in Texas... I can already taste that brisket. It's in my fridge right now thawing out. We'll break out the pit Monday. The yummy Christmas Eve smell of roasting meat in the warm sunny afternoon. Not a snowflake in sight. And Santa stopping by on his "pony" (our Santa rides a Tennessee Walker). Chrstmas in small town Texas....

PonyC... PonyChaser

MominPa... can I come to your house this Christmas? It all sounds just awesome, and Santa riding up on a Tennesee Walker is just the icing on the cake!! And another year, you can come here to Iowa, where we have a ton of snow, and snuggle around a crackling wood fire with cups of hot chocolate, after spending the afternoon building snowmen and sledding.

Momin... MominPa74

Thanks PonyChaser... I grew up in north-western Canada and had my share of snow... But you're always welcome here. The more the merrier...

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