Christmas Dinner at the White House: What Will the Obamas Eat This Year?

Mac and CheeseWhat does the leader of the free world eat for Christmas dinner with the family? Probably something a little fancier than the lasagna that my family's planning on making. I bet there's turkey and ham and veggies and cakes and pies and figgy pudding ... (What is figgy pudding?)

Michelle Obama talked about what the Obama family will be having for Christmas dinner in Hawaii this year on the TODAY show. She's throwing her healthy-eating campaign to the wind this year and it sounds absolutely delicious. What will the Obamas be having?


"There's turkey, there’s string beans and stuffing, a little mac and cheese," Obama told Jenna Bush Hager. "This is the time when I throw 'Let's Move' out the window for a moment, and get that mac and cheese. Everybody deserves their mac and cheese."

Yes indeed. Mac and cheese. And the meal will end with pie. (The world can get back to exercising and cutting back on sugar on December 26.) It sounds like a nice, much-needed break for the nation's "Hostess in Chief," and one that will involve the type of carbo-loading you expect from marathon runners. Haha. But what better time than Christmas to indulge?

Here in Brooklyn, we'll likely be having that lasagna I mentioned. Maybe some sausage and meatballs. (No, we're not Italians. We just pretend to be on Christmas.) Cheesy garlic bread. Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream ... Now I'm getting hungry. 

What will your family be having for Christmas dinner?


Image via jspatchwork/Flickr

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