Mom Keeps Enough Food to Feed Her Family for a Year -- Could You?

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canned foodHow long could you live off the food you have in your home? A month? A week? A day? One mom says she could probably go for a whole year without grocery shopping! She keeps a well-stocked pantry, plus a food storage closet in the basement and plenty of frozen meat and vegetables besides. And it's all just to help feed needy families along with her family.

It's amazing what some people do with their space and resources! And after a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, I think we all started wondering how self-sufficient we'd be -- and for how long -- if we were caught in an emergency.

Growing up Mormon, "emergency preparedness" was a big deal. There was a millennialist-kind of movement in the church in those days, and that's partly why. But it's also just part of the Mormon ethic to be self-sufficient that way. My mother still keeps a well-stocked pantry filled with canned and dry goods. I bet she could live a year on her food supply, though she's end up eating a lot of rice and peanut butter.

As for me -- well, I live in a tiny apartment in New York City, so I don't exactly have room for extra food. I still remember the time someone told me I could hide a chest freezer under a coffee table. Ha! First of all, that would clash with the sofa. But secondly, I don't have room for a coffee table that large.

I do have a little basement storage, though. And I've been seriously thinking of slowly collecting canned foods and water just in case -- anything that could survive a flood. All I have to do is first get rid of all the junk that's down there first. Maybe I should have a stoop sale and use the proceeds to fund my food storage!

How long could you live on the food you have in your home?


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linzemae linzemae

I think I would really miss fresh fruit and vegetables

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Umm, I don't eat canned foods. Maybe I'll store paper towels, cleaning supplies and things like that -just like the crazy couponers do

nonmember avatar Megan

Just be careful with the canned food. Don't store it too long. When my granddad died in 2006 we had to clean out his house and he had canned goods from the mid 1980s. After a while the tin disolved and guk leaked everywhere ruining the wooden shelves of the pantry.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

I love fresh food too but in an emergency i will do whatever to keep my kids fed and safe.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Thanks for the info Megan. It's true that a lot of people(me) ignore the expiration dates on the cans in the cupboards.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

I could probably make it 6 months or more. have over 50lbs of flour, 25lbs of sugar, lots of yeast, spices and stuff stocked. A whole pig and half a beef in the freezer. Chickens for eggs and a milking cow. I don't have a ton of veggies frozen but I do have plenty of seeds for spring! We're TRYING to be as self sufficient as possible

staya... stayathomemom06

probably at least 6 months maybe longer. I keep my pantry stocked with a lot of dry foods as well as flour, sugar, peanut butter, and rice.

Doomy234 Doomy234

At least 6 months off our stored food. Much longer considering we have wildlife and lifestock all over. With all the jerky we could make out of deer, cows, rabbits, squirrels and wild dogs in the area, we'd survive years. We've also got birds, gophers, rats, snakes, and plenty of gardening space. Not to mention fruit and nut bearing trees, a fresh water well and underground stream.

Lindsey Speir

We make it about a week at a time if we cleaning out all the food before we went shopping we could probably make it 2 weeks maybe a bit more but not much.But in case of emergency I have bottled water and some canned food that I swap out for new cans every so ofter so it doesn't go bad.

Salem... SalemWitchChild

I have a large pantry but not enough $ to stock it for a year. We've got about 1  months worth of food right now.

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