'50 Shades of Bacon' Brings Sex to the Breakfast Table

fifty shades of baconRumor has it that as much as they've enjoyed teasing their women for reading E.L. James' erotic series, men have been craving their own version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Well, bacon aficionado Ben Myhre recently decided one way to fill that void was by offering meat-lovin' guys -- and gals -- a cookbook featuring fifty shades of ... cured pig meat. Yep, bringing BDSM to breakfast, Fifty Shades of Bacon actually exists. So, hey, if for some reason, Fifty Shades of Chicken wasn't for you, maybe this tome will be!

The takeoff on the insanely popular trilogy features chapter titles like "Foreplay" (appetizers, obvs), "Afternoon Delight" (main course), and "Multiple Orgasms" (dessert). Uh-huh -- bacon-flavored desserts!

Some of the food (included in the book) for thought ...


When it comes to foreplay, I mean, breakfast ... Myrhe offers up Bacon Deviled Eggs and Bacon Cheddar Scones. Not too bizarre, right?

As for an "Afternoon Delight," Myhre suggests you try his Healthy Potato Skins, which include four slices of bacon, light cheddar cheese, and fat-free sour cream. I guuuuess that's health-ier?

For desserts, you have your pick of recipes for drool-worthy or gag-tastic (depending on how you feel about bacon in sweets) items like Meat Candy (yuuum?), Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, Bacon Ice Cream, or a Bacon Chocolate Milkshake. If you're not a chocolate lover, but you still love bacon, go for the Bacon Apple Lattice Pie!

I'm no bacon lover, but it really sounds like all rules of conventional cooking go out the window when you are one. In the end, if this cookbook inspires anyone to be a bit bolder in the kitchen -- much like Fifty Shades of Grey inspired countless people to get a little more risque in between the sheets -- then it's totally doing its job!

What food should get a Fifty Shades-inspired cookbook of its own next?


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