Desperate Restaurant Begs for Business & Something Amazing Happens (VIDEO)

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Pete'sAn Oregon restaurant that had fallen on tough times has gotten a boost from its local community after employees put up a sign asking more of them to stop in for a burger.

Pete's Drive-In in Roseburg, Ore., was struggling, and employees asked owner Chuck Caskey if they could put up a sign. "They asked me for about two weeks solid and I said, "No" every time," he told the local news. "So, when they put it up, they said 'we're not going to listen to you,' and they put it up there anyway." How did it work out?

The sign, which reads,'"Help us stay open, please eat here!" seems to be working. And locals are heeding the call and trying to help Pete's stay in business. Caskey said it is humbling how many people have come in to help his business stay afloat, and a Facebook group created to help out has more than 800 likes.

It's a heartwarming story, and it's always sweet to see a community rally to save a local business. So many small businesses shutter in our age of big chains and fast-food restaurants. Where I grew up, on the Jersey shore, there weren't a lot of chain restaurants. We had the boardwalk, full of small businesses -- burger joints, ice cream stands, and a caramel popcorn shop. Oh, and Mack & Manco's pizza.

It's those places that give a town its character, and make it feel unique and like home. But I worry that the temporary boost from the sign isn't enough to keep the restaurant going long-term. Let's hope things turn around for good.

Kval - Eat at Pete's: 'Help us stay open'

Have you ever acted to save a local business or restaurant?


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tuffy... tuffymama

Yeah, but... How is the food? ;0)

We never visit a corporate restaurant. We do local no matter where we are, because it's important to us. It's not a fantastic experience every time, but the gems make up for it.

gem09... gem092011

This is a nice story. We always eat at local eateries in our town. Luckily we have some really great local restaurants.

jhslove jhslove

Same here! We eat at local restaurants whenever possible. Usually it's a great experience (not always, but usually) and sometimes it's a little more expensive, but usually it's just about even.

britn... britneykaren

I used to live in Oregon, when I go back to visit I travel back and forth from grants pass to Eugene, roseburg is right in the middle, I will definitely have to stop by there on my next trip!!!

Ashto... AshtonsMommy143

I live in Roseburg and I've never even been here. My friend says the food is amazing tho!

nonmember avatar Jay

So, Jennifer, you steal stories from other media (in this case, KVAL-TV) and repost it as your own without a direct attribution?

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