Reindeer Poop Recipe Will Make the Kids Laugh but Tastes Good Too

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reindeer poopHere's a surefire way to get your kids giggling -- make them reindeer poop. It's really a mix of chocolate with a hint of peppermint, but as much as they find it delicious, they'll love telling people about it. "I just ate reindeer poop!" "Do you want some reindeer poop?"

From Live Pretty, it's easy and fun to make. It looks like the name says, reindeer poop, rolled in some gently fallen snow. It's really a mixture of brownie and some peppermint, and it's additively delicious. It's perfect for parties, or bagged up as gifts for kids' friends.

Reindeer Poop


Approximately 20-30 miniature candy canes
1 box brownie mix

1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract

Place mini candy canes in a heavy duty storage bag. Crush with rolling pin or meat tenderizer.

Place crushed candy canes in a bowl.

Bake the brownie mix according to directions -- with added 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract. From prepared brownie dish, scoop out tablespoon portions and roll into balls.

Roll brownie balls in crushed candy canes. Roll aggressively (but not to break the brownie formation) to ensure candy sticks to brownies.

Place candied brownie balls on parchment lined tray.


Image via Live Pretty

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Felip... FelipesMom

so... you actually make the brownies first?

why not start with BROWNIES instead of BROWNIE MIX, then?

and if not, the ingredients need to list: brownie mix PLUS ANYTHING ELSE NEEDED TO MAKE THE BROWNIES (oil, eggs, etc).


Fondue Fondue

FelipesMom, work on your reading comprehension skills:  In the instructions, it does state to make the brownie mix according to the instruction on the box, plus the peppermint extract.  As anyone who uses recipes should know, you read the recipe through in its entirety before diving in head first.

emmal... emmalazarus

where does one purchase peppermint extract??

tania... taniamorse85

Emmalazaraus, you can find peppermint extract next to other extracts (vanilla, coconut, etc.) in the baking aisle of grocery stores.

nonmember avatar AREYOUALLSTUPID

Seriously learn to read people! Bake the brownie mix according to directions! I will say that again Bake the brownie mix according to directions! and seriously where do you get peppermint extract? You squeeze it out of elves that's where you get it. Ohhh wait that's not right you get it at the grocery store in the baking aisle.

Trans Trans

thank you

Will try making out this wonderful receipe this weekend, hope I do justice to it as I am very bad at making brownies.

Evilf... Evilfelly07

I love how wonderfully nice you "grown ups " are! Unreal...

This looks like fun, ill try it!

nonmember avatar allison

Its cute to say "look renideer poop "but another to tell ur kids to eat it!! Really??? How stupid!!!!

Lyndsay Engelke

Good grief, you're all full of such kind, holiday cheer today. Put those fangs away, ladies. I think a lot of you need to take a Midol and a nap, you're being terribly nasty to other members.

I'll be making these on Friday! I love mint and chocolate together.

nonmember avatar treva

Im with the other moms on the directions first before making comments about it.....not so common sense ^

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