Reindeer Poop Recipe Will Make the Kids Laugh but Tastes Good Too

reindeer poop recipe

Here's a surefire way to get your kids giggling -- make them reindeer poop. It's really a mix of chocolate with a hint of peppermint, but as much as they find it delicious, they'll love telling people about it. "I just ate reindeer poop!" "Do you want some reindeer poop?" From Live Pretty, it's easy and fun to make. 


It looks like the name says, reindeer poop, rolled in some gently fallen snow. It's really a mixture of brownie and some peppermint, and it's additively delicious. It's perfect for parties, or bagged up as gifts for kids' friends.

Reindeer Poop

Approximately 20-30 miniature candy canes
1 box brownie mix
1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract

Place mini candy canes in a heavy duty storage bag. Crush with rolling pin or meat tenderizer.

Place crushed candy canes in a bowl.

Bake the brownie mix according to directions -- with added 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract. From prepared brownie dish, scoop out tablespoon portions and roll into balls.

Roll brownie balls in crushed candy canes. Roll aggressively (but not to break the brownie formation) to ensure candy sticks to brownies.

Place candied brownie balls on parchment lined tray.


Image via Live Pretty

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