Christmas Cookies Twists: 5 Awesome Treats for the Holidays

christmas cookiesWe all have the Christmas cookies we know and love -- the sugar cookie; the gingerbread cookie; the shortbread cookie. All are delicious. All have been done to death! What do you say we mix things up this year, guys? Try a new cookie -- or a classic cookie with a twist? You're guaranteed to get friends and family talking, and I promise you -- the cookies will be just as delicious. (Come on, how can something with sugar and/or chocolate be bad?)

Here are 5 ways to change-up the classic Christmas cookie. Happy baking!


Glittering Lemon Sandwich Cookie

I mean, it has the word "glitter" in it. You really can't go wrong. These cookies are a little time-consuming to make, but let me tell you -- they look gorgeous.

Browned Butter-Cardamom Sugar Cookies

This takes the classic sugar cookie, and gives it a fancy twist. And you'll have everyone asking: "What is that ingredient?"

Sparkling Chai Shortbread Cookies

If you love chai tea -- which, who doesn't? -- you'll flip for these yummy chai-laced shortbread cookies. And you'll seem super sophisticated when you bring them to your friend's holiday party.

Cranberry Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are one of my most favorite cookies in the world, so when I learned about this twist, I immediately bookmarked it in my computer. Yes, please!

Chocomint Blossoms

You know those thumbprint cookies everybody always makes? Yeah, these are way more impressive-looking. And they look even tastier than the original.

What's your favorite Christmas cookie? Have a twist on it?


Image via Aniket Thakur/Flickr

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