Chain Restaurant Server Calls Family a Four-Letter Word on Bill

Sh*t Show receiptFor one New Hampshire family, a casual trip to Friendly's turned into a bit of a nightmare in which insult was added to injury once they finally got the check. After an exceptionally frustrating dining experience, Dawn Cunningham said the message she found on her check was shocking and unacceptable.

After waiting for more than 30 minutes to order, Cunningham said she flagged down a waitress who took their order and then left. Never putting it in. They were brought the wrong food. Twice! And then the cherry on top. The bill. What did it say?


It called her family a "100% Sh*t Show." Super uncool, Friendly's server. Not okay! Even if Friendly's did comp them 100% of the meal. It's unprofessional and its insulting. "They had to have either entered it into the cash register or they have a "sh*t show" button," Cunningham told WHDH.

The family wasn't angry, and they laughed it off, but what's with servers these days? There seems to be an epidemic of customer-mocking and I don't get it. I mean, it's a hard job and sometimes customers can be difficult. But just a few days ago a waiter was in hot water for referring to a table of women as "Fat Girls" on their bill. Earlier this year a Papa John's worker referred to a customer as "lady chinky eyes."

I would have been pretty pissed off to be the recipient of any of these checks. Friendly's, for its part, has stepped up and called the behavior of its staff "completely unacceptable" and is looking into the situation. But after-the-fact wrangling to try and make up for poor behavior doesn't compensate for workers who are downright rude to paying customers.

Would you have been insulted if a server called you and your family a "sh*t show"?

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