Feeding Your Family Too Much Sugar Might Make Them Dumber

jellybeansBad news for all of you out there main-lining sugar. A new study out of UCLA found that rats who were fed a diet high in fructose were dumber than those who were fed stuff full of omega-3 fatty acids. They're hypothesizing that this would be the case, too, for children and adults who ingest a steady stream of soda, candy, and various other sugary snacks. Researchers are suggesting that what you eat affects how you think, and that eating a lot of junky crap will harm your brain's ability to learn and retain inform ... mmm. Jelly beans. Wait. What were we talking about? Where am I? Who are you? Mom?


The average American swallows about 47 pounds of cane sugar (which is sucrose) and 35 pounds of high-fructose sugar a year, so, you know HEADS UP, dummies. We're all making ourselves stupider by the second.

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Where was I? So scientists found that it only takes six weeks of a diet high in fructose to affect brain power, so don't think that your holiday binges won't catch up with you. You'll get fatter and dumber, for sure.

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What was I saying? OK, so yeah, when feeding your family this winter, try to avoid snacks and the ilk that are loaded with fructose. The easiest way to cut out this bad stuff is to give up the soda addiction once and for all, but ...

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Anyway, CBS says this is the first study to find that sugar's not only bad for the waistline, but bad for the brain, too, so, really, no time like the present to resolve to consume less of these toxic crystals in the new year or ...

Craaaaaaaaaaaaap. Where do I live again?

Do you monitor your family's sugar intake?


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