Final Twinkie Shipment Hits Store Shelves & All Hell Breaks Loose

twinkiesAll good things must come to an end, and now the Twinkie goes gently into that good night. Fare thee well, Twinkie. We loved you well. (But apparently not well enough to keep Hostess from going under like the Titanic ... Too soon?)

The final batch of Twinkies has landed on grocery store shelves, and so the Era of the Twinkie, that nugget of "cream"-filled cake that was supposed to be able to survive a nuclear holocaust, is dead and gone. And what city got the last coveted sweet snacks and Twinkie fans acting like rage-filled animals, you ask?


Why, it was Chicago (or, more accurately, the Chicago area) that had the honor of being their final resting place. More than 20,000 boxes of Twinkies were shipped from the Hostess plant in Columbus, Georgia, to Jewel-Osco stores outside the Windy City, and they went on sale Tuesday morning. You would think that was the kind of thing that wouldn't require police intervention.

And you would be wrong.

Yup. Cops were called to a grocery store on Tuesday night because someone became "unruly" when told he could only buy 10 boxes of Twinkies. It took law enforcement professionals to convince a grown man that it was in fact okay for the store to tell him he couldn't buy more than 10 boxes of Twinkies. What is this world coming to???

Twinkies aren't even that good! They're not, like, cream puffs or Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby. I can understand getting worked up over Chubby Hubby.

In another store, a man who identified himself as Frank had harsh words for fellow Twinkie hoarders. (His store was limiting sales to two per family.) "I had a lot more, but some evil woman [got them]," he said.

Evil indeed. Twinkie, you apparently bring out the worst in us. Godspeed.

What would you do to get one of the last boxes of Twinkies?

Image via Jason A. Howie/Flickr

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