Ban on Burgers Cooked Rare or Medium Rare Goes Too Far

BurgerI know food safety guidelines are important, but really now. When it comes to how I like my burgers, I do not want Uncle Sam having any say in the matter. I like 'em rare, juicy, and smothered in cheddar cheese. But if I were to try ordering that in London, I'd be shut down if a proposed law gets passed. Denied.

The Westminster council says it's cracking down on rare and medium-rare burger sales for food safety reasons, but it seems pretty draconian and over-the-top to me. Could something like that actually happen over here?


In an interview with a local newspaper, James Armitage, the council’s food health and safety manager, said they'd enlisted "the U.K.'s top expert on E. coli," who warned that "rare minced meat that is not correctly cooked and prepared can kill." Hence the crackdown on burgers with a lot of pink inside.

I don't want to wind up with food poisoning. Ever. But I also don't want anyone (I'm looking at you, Mayor Bloomberg ...) telling me how I have to eat my meat. If the restaurant is clean and has passed health inspections, why wouldn't I assume the meat they're serving me has been handled with care and is pathogen-free? I totally do. Am I being naive? I don't think so. Don't tread on me, bro.

Food safety is important, but I don't want the government stepping in and telling me how I have to eat my burger. Anything more than medium-rare becomes a burned hockey puck, as far as I'm concerned, and I'm responsible for my own decisions when it comes to what I eat and how I eat it.

Do you think the government has the right to tell us how we should cook our burgers?


Image via TheHungryDudes/Flickr

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