Rude Waiter Calls Customers ‘Fat Girls’ on Restaurant Bill but It Gets Worse

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Fat GirlsOh, this is bad. Really bad. Three women went out for a night on the town in Stockton, California, last week and just wanted to have some food and fun. At the Cameo Club Casino's restaurant, they each ordered a tri-tip with fries and a soda, but when the bill came, they were floored -- and not because of the price.

There printed at the top was "Fat Girls." According to ABC News 10, one of the women, Christine Duran, saw it and couldn't believe her eyes. When she told her friends, they thought she was joking at first, but when she showed it to them, they were understandably shocked and outraged. "I was like, 'Oh, heck no,'" Isabel Robles told the station.

So they called the server over, and that's when things went from bad to worse.

He denied having anything to do with it and said some worker named "Jeff" must have put it in the system that way to keep track of their bill. A manager didn't make things any better, and Duran told ABC News he "had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but trying not to laugh." For their trouble he offered them a 25 percent discount.

A 25 percent discount?! Talk about adding insult to injury. He finally bumped it up to 50 percent, but the women chose their dignity instead and refused his offers. Good for them. First of all this should have NEVER happened. It was rude, childish, and so many other deplorable things, but since it did, that manager should have bent over backwards to try and make things better ... like comping their entire freaking bill for starters.

The restaurant has since issued an apology, and "Jeff" has been suspended for the time being, and that's great, but the damage has been done. These ladies are justifiably still reeling from such cruel behavior. Robles said, "It's not funny. I can just see it over and over again, and I still can't believe it. They labeled us 'fat girls.' It's just something we got to deal with."

And it does nothing to improve the already volatile relationship between customers and restaurant workers. Seriously, it feels like there's some huge passive-aggressive wave of behavior as of late when it comes to servers and customers. From diners leaving cruel tips for waitresses to a Papa John's receipt that contained a totally outrageous racist slur, these incidents seem to be happening with far too much regularity, and they need to stop. And here we wonder why so many of our children are bullies and being bullied. With so many awful examples like this from "adults," what else can we expect?

How would you react if a restaurant did something like this?


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Meghan Rogers

Oh please, come on. I can't believe this is turning in to such a big issue. "This is something we are going to have to live with." Holy hell, you ARE fat. Who the frick cares? Don't want to be labeled as fat? If that offends you, then drop some weight. Get a new label for yourself. Everybody is walking around on their flipping tip toes trying not to offend someone. When are people going to understand that the only thing you have any control over is your reaction to something. Take the 50% off your bill and leave. I've been called a lot of mean things. But if I don't take it to heart what can it hurt? Yes the world is a cruel, mean, hurtful, intolerant place, *tears* but get the frick over it already. Take control of your own life. This is what is wrong with the world. It's not just people calling each other names, its the people who refuse to take responsibility for their own reactions. 

CPN322 CPN322

Just going to throw this out there, I'm skinny and I wouldn't like if the waiter wrote skinny girl on my tab.

 kaerae - I dislike being called skinny just as much as overweight women dislike being called fat. It is not ok to be identified as skinny. I'm not sure about you, but I'm much more than how much I weigh. How about we not comment on other peoples weight unless someone asks your opinion.

CPN322 CPN322

tbrucemom - it is not common to describe customers on their bills. I worked as a waitress for years(hopefully never again) and I have NEVER done that and don't know anyone besides a nasty bartender that has.

I can't believe more than one person suggested that this is a way to keep track of tabs. Have you people suggesting this ever waited tables? That is NOT how to keep track of tabs. That is how you lose your job. Good lord.

Laura Fritz - names do hurt. What kind of fantasy world are you living in?

CPN322 CPN322

on Dec 11, 2012 at 8:59 AM

The "fat acceptance movement"? Oh give me a fucking break. It's called treating others with respect and acting like a decent person. Don't spout off all this bullshit about "but it's the truth and sometimes that hurts" to justify you acting a like a total asshole. People like that is what is wrong with this world. YOU are the problem. 


Margaret Seda - I am skinny and it is hurtful when people call me skinny or other descriptive names for thin people because I am trying desperately to gain weight and can't control how thin I am. I require 3,000 calories a day to maintain my weight. I am VERY aware of my size, I don't need anyone to point it out. Quite a few obese people are that way due to medical conditions. How do you know they aren't trying to lose weight? Commenting on other peoples physical appearance shows a lack of intelligence and lack of something better to talk about.

dirti... dirtiekittie

the 'fat girls' thing was out of line. are they fat? well, they're not skinny. but i'm pretty sure they own mirrors and can see themselves. and if not, it's still not up to you to tell them otherwise. my biggest beef here is the lack of service from the waitstaff and manager. the employee screwed up, the manager should have apologized and offered better service. but for these ladies to sue the restaurant would be ridiculous.

Melissa-Missy Finney-Johnson

I don't understand you people......if the waiter would have put other "truthful descriptive words" then people would be in an uproar couple, table of Jews, Homo's on a date, Mexican family......just because it is socially acceptable to make fun of and embarrass fat people it doesn't make it right. 

nonmember avatar realitybites

Uh, maybe they should think twice before they eat the fries because they ARE fat. Maybe they need to face the truth instead of whining about it to the press.

AnHpu... AnHpuresugar

Would it be okay if the receipt was labeled "black girls"?  If not, then you have your answer.  It is rude and unprofressional.  

spaya... spayandneuter

I would sue and call the media.

nonmember avatar goblue

They ARE fat and I'm sure they've broken their fair share of chairs, public toilets or worn out seats on a plane with their excessive weight. Management should have apologized and picked up their tab. Hopefully, these women will realize people think they are fat adn they do something about it.

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