Rude Waiter Calls Customers ‘Fat Girls’ on Restaurant Bill but It Gets Worse

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Fat GirlsOh, this is bad. Really bad. Three women went out for a night on the town in Stockton, California, last week and just wanted to have some food and fun. At the Cameo Club Casino's restaurant, they each ordered a tri-tip with fries and a soda, but when the bill came, they were floored -- and not because of the price.

There printed at the top was "Fat Girls." According to ABC News 10, one of the women, Christine Duran, saw it and couldn't believe her eyes. When she told her friends, they thought she was joking at first, but when she showed it to them, they were understandably shocked and outraged. "I was like, 'Oh, heck no,'" Isabel Robles told the station.

So they called the server over, and that's when things went from bad to worse.

He denied having anything to do with it and said some worker named "Jeff" must have put it in the system that way to keep track of their bill. A manager didn't make things any better, and Duran told ABC News he "had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but trying not to laugh." For their trouble he offered them a 25 percent discount.

A 25 percent discount?! Talk about adding insult to injury. He finally bumped it up to 50 percent, but the women chose their dignity instead and refused his offers. Good for them. First of all this should have NEVER happened. It was rude, childish, and so many other deplorable things, but since it did, that manager should have bent over backwards to try and make things better ... like comping their entire freaking bill for starters.

The restaurant has since issued an apology, and "Jeff" has been suspended for the time being, and that's great, but the damage has been done. These ladies are justifiably still reeling from such cruel behavior. Robles said, "It's not funny. I can just see it over and over again, and I still can't believe it. They labeled us 'fat girls.' It's just something we got to deal with."

And it does nothing to improve the already volatile relationship between customers and restaurant workers. Seriously, it feels like there's some huge passive-aggressive wave of behavior as of late when it comes to servers and customers. From diners leaving cruel tips for waitresses to a Papa John's receipt that contained a totally outrageous racist slur, these incidents seem to be happening with far too much regularity, and they need to stop. And here we wonder why so many of our children are bullies and being bullied. With so many awful examples like this from "adults," what else can we expect?

How would you react if a restaurant did something like this?


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MsMama Mae Barnes

Ok.... I am SO NOT RACIST, but I noticed as I read some comments (non members) what should we call her etc... we call them white black tall skinny etc.. Ok, so lets say 3 blacks were sitting at the table and the ticket came back saying 3 Nig***rs table 1.. oh hell just let it go??? how about stripper... hookers table 1.. cus strippers are hookers, and I personally don't believe that blacks are the "N" word.. so she is "over weight" I am sure she is aware of it. How about he should have put 3 ladies/table 1

nonmember avatar kaerae

@MsMama - Wow, what a ridiculous analogy. "Fat" is equivalent to "Black" or "white," not to the "n-word." That would be a fair comparison if the tickethad said "Three Lard-asses." The fact that you think the words "black" and "N-" are the same says quite a lot about you.

Tara Morris

Who cares if they're overweight?  This isn't something that a waiter should be doing.  Both of the employees who were involved in this should be penalized.  The one who did it should be fired, the manager should have his pay docked and the women should have their money refunded.  Whatever happened to people doing their jobs and being professional?

Holly Berger Howard

Reading some of these comments on here just proves what is wrong with our society and why there are so many bully issues in school these days.  There is absolutely no filter on some of you ladies, and I use the word "ladies" sarcastically.  Our world is made of all sorts of shapes and sizes and we need to set an example for our children as to be kind to others regardless of how they look!  Is it okay to go up to someone who is mentally handicapped and say, "ret*rd"? 

amomm... amommy2jack

Brava Holly Berger Howard - I totally agree with everything you said as well as with Ms Mama, Tara Morris and a bunch of others have said.  Its called KINDNESS people and I am really worried about what you are teaching your children is OK in terms of addressing others (to their faces or behind their backs).  It is NOT OK to be mean regardless of whether or not what you're saying is a fact.  I'm really, truly worried about where our society is headed....If Jeff or that manager were my sons and I found out about this, we'd have huge words - despite their age.  Thankfully my grown son knows how to treat others with kindness and understands that there are times when "if you can't say something nice" its better to remain silent.  When did people become so fucking heartless....yes, I'm fat, I don't care if you call me fat, because I am - that said I reserve the right to call you stupid, mean, bitchy, heartless, ugly, 80's throwback, etc.  Its the truth so its OK right?  God help us all.

nonmember avatar Gina Ann

I cannot believe my children have to grow up in a world with such unsympathetic people. It gives me relief to know that karma will find you. So the next time someone makes you feel small or ashamed of who you are, you remember what you said about these ladies. You remember that it's okay to say those things because it's true. The comments on here, are more offensive than what the waiter did any day. But I guess when you are perfect it's okay to judge.

Rebec... Rebecca75

I'd like to see the age difference in the women on here saying calling someone on the bill fat OK and us that agree it was rude, uncalled for and Jeff should be fired. I have worked in customer service for over 22 years. It is not OK to be mean spirited to a customer. The manager on duty should be discaplined or fired as well. The women deserved a free meal for their trouble. I live decently close to Stockton and if ever in the area I would not eat at this establishment. Luckily there are some other mature caring ladies on here. For the rest of you judgemental girls, what are you teaching your children??

nonmember avatar Kate

Was it mean and humiliating and hurtful? Yes. It was also true but whatever.

I have a problem with them refusing to pay their bill though. Service (albeit insulting) was rendered. They ate the food and drank the drinks. They weren't discriminated against. To not pay for what they consumed is theft. Complain sure, but hurting feelings isn't against the law, stealing is.

nonmember avatar Debbie

My husband and I had a similar situation with a bill upon which we were labeled "old couple." I can tell that these women are fat. And the server could tell that we are old. People take themselves way to seriously.

missy... missybest

Our society's values, morals, and manners just continue declining.  Boycott the restaurant!

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