Starbucks Has a New Metal Gift Card & Nobody Can Afford It

Starbucks cardIf you thought Starbucks had lost its mind when it introduced the $7 cup of coffee, its latest gift card is sure to have your jaw hitting the floor. Available only on luxury flash-sale website Gilt, Starbucks is selling the limited-edition $450 Starbucks Metal Card made of solid steel.

It's just what the world was missing. A Starbucks gift card that can double as a bullet-proof vest that costs more than your average car payment. Starbucks is only making 5,000 of them, which seems like a lot to me. For a metal gift card that can only get me Starbucks stuff. Aren't we worried about a double-dip recession? Who is going to buy these things???


The company says the card costs $50 to make, and it comes with $400 toward Starbucks purchases -- hence the hefty price tag. You also get a My Starbucks Rewards Gold Level membership, which gives you a free birthday drink and a free drink or snack after you get 12 stars. I'm sorry Starbucks, but for $450, I'm gonna buy my own birthday drink. (And it will probably be one that has a little booze in it. Because, you know, birthdays.)

With $7 cups of coffee and $450 gift cards on the menu, it makes me wonder what exactly Starbucks is thinking. Is there a market for this kind of thing out there? I don't actually know. There must be. But I'm not part of that market. To me, this is excessive.

"This is a card for the 1%," cultural anthropologist Robbie Blinkoff told USA Today. "It's all about status, and to tell you the truth, I don't know if I'd want to be seen with one of these."

The cards go on sale Thursday for Starbucks rewards members, and Friday for the rest of us. I mean the rest of you. Whoever you are.

Would you buy the $450 Starbucks Metal Gift Card?


Image via Starbucks

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