5 Quick & Easy Dishes for the Perfect Hanukkah Dinner

5 quick and easy Hanukkah DishesIt's hard to believe that Hanukkah is basically here already. I don't know about you, but I'm still finishing up shopping for my friends and family! Thankfully, though, the perfect Hanukkah dinner is a no-brainer. This is one holiday that's all about ease. With kids running around and family to entertain, the last thing you want to do is put together a crazy complicated meal. It's much more fun to spend your time telling the story of Hanukkah, spinning the dreidel, or let's be honest, opening presents!

Which is why we've rounded up 5 delicious components for the perfect Hanukkah dinner, all which can be made in under 2 hours. Starting with the kugel, of course:


1. Noodle kugel: Kugel is a staple in my household around the holidays, and it's a total cinch to make. Plus, you can make it sweet or salty, add raisins, or whatever other little treats your heart desires.

2. Whole baked chicken: An easy addition to the Hanukkah table, a baked chicken is something both kids and adults generally can agree on. This simple chicken recipe from The Pioneer Woman will give you juicy, tender chicken in under an hour and a half.

3. Potato latkes: Who DIDN'T grow up eating latkes on Hanukkah? Recently, I've loved making sweet potato latkes instead, but the classic white potato latkes are, well, just that: classic. Instead of shredding the potatoes yourself, simply buy the pre-shredded frozen ones at the store for a MUCH easier experience. Trust me, it makes a world of difference.

4. Roasted vegetables: I myself am into something a little sweet, like Martha Stewart's carrots with honey and ginger. No matter what vegetable you choose for your holiday meal, don't make it difficult. Stick to a steamed or pan-sauteed option for an easy addition to your dinner table.

5. Rugelach: Of course, no meal is complete without a sweet finish, and once Hanukkah rolls around -- that perfect treat is rugelach. This yummy rug recipe from Ina Garten is simple to make. The only catch: make sure you prepare the dough earlier in the day since it needs an hour to sit in the fridge.

What do you make for dinner on Hanukkah? How will you be celebrating this year?


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