Lucky Charms Wants the Child in All of Us to Remember How Magically Delicious They Are (VIDEO)

Lucky CharmsWhen I was a kid, Lucky Charms were one of my very favorite things to eat for breakfast. I loved them best when you first poured on the milk and those rainbow-colored marshmallows still had a little bit of crunch. I loved how the milk would turn that weird, murky purple color. Sigh. Nostalgia. Were they better because you kind of felt like you weren't supposed to be eating them? Probably.

General Mills is now trying to capitalize on our childhood memories of Lucky Charms by pitching its magically delicious cereal to adults in its latest ad campaign. But did we ever actually stop eating Lucky Charms?


According to General Mills, even though it's always tried to appeal to kids with its advertising, a whopping 45 percent of those who eat Lucky Charms are grown ups. And the company is trying to grow that audience by appealing to our inner children.

In the new ad, a woman discovers Lucky Charms in her office and is transported to a magical forest where Lucky the Leprechaun takes back his Lucky Charms! Noooooo! But then back in the office, she realizes she "forgot how good these taste."

I DID forget how good those taste. Til right now! Thinking about Lucky Charms! And Teddy Grahams. And Golden Grahams. And Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And that crunch-berry Captain Crunch that would totally shred the roof of your mouth. Man, food used to be way, way more fun when I was a kid.

More often these days, I reach for something all healthy and full of fiber, like All Bran or something. Or I'll go for oatmeal instead of cold cereal. I miss breakfast being fun. (Remember doing puzzles on the back of cereal boxes?) I hate when I can tell advertising just totally worked on me, but I think this time it did. Pass the milk.

Do you still like Lucky Charms?


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