6 Holiday Cocktails That Will Make You One Very Merry Mom

6 Holiday Cocktails That Will Make You One Very Merry Mom

holiday cocktailsThe holidays can be quite a drag. There's all that shopping, spending, eating, and sooo much anticipation about what's waiting for you under the Christmas tree. I'm always sick with worry over whether or not I got my mom the right size, if my sister will like the sweater I knit her, or -- for heaven's sake! -- will my brother appreciate the socks I bought him?! So in my house, the holidays are just another excuse to drink -- and I'll bet it's the same in your house, too.

But we're not talking any ole drink are we, folks? Nope. Since we're all decked out head to toe in our finest festive frocks, this season is all about toasting to health, wealth, happiness, and strong spirited cocktails. So if you're wondering what to whip up for your guests (or hell, for yourself), look no further than these six best holiday cocktails that'll ensure your holiday is holly, jolly, and bright!

What's your favorite drink to indulge on during the holidays?

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  • Hot Buttered Rum


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    In the mood for something warm, delicious, and totally satisfying? While your kids are tuned in to a holiday flick, pour yourself a hot buttered rum and really relax!

    Get the hot buttered rum recipe!

  • The Golden Boy


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    If you're celebrating Hanukkah -- or just in the mood for something light -- add a little bubbly to your drink menu with The Golden Boy. It's light, bright, and won't give you a holiday hangover.

    Get The Golden Boy recipe!

  • Kahluaccino


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    Maybe your morning coffee just isn't doing the trick like it used to. Add a little extra oomph to your routine with a delightful, decadent Kahluaccino. Bonus: this tasty treat doubles as an after-dinner nightcap.

    Get the Kahluaccino recipe!

  • Pomegranate-Champagne Punch


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    For those days you just really need the whole bottle or if you're planning to host all your friends and family, turn to this fun and fruity pomegranate-champagne punch. It'll really raise everybody's spirits.

    Get the pomegranate-champange punch recipe!

  • Santa Hat Christmas Cocktail


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    If cookies, cake, and cannolis aren't really your thing, swap the sweets for a Santa Hat Christmas Cocktail. It's easy to make and even easier to drink!

    Get the Santa Hat Christmas Cocktail recipe!

  • Sleigh Driver


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    Attention adults: Jolly Old St. Nick is not the only one who gets a sleigh come Christmastime. With this divine little treat, you'll drink in everything that's lovely about the holiday season. So whatcha waiting for? Pour yourself a Sleigh Driver!

    Get the Sleigh Driver recipe!

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