Scott Disick's Restaurant Ryu Closes Its Doors for Good After Only 6 Months

scott disickBack when Scott Disick parted ways with Ryu, his first restaurant venture in New York, we thought there may a chance for it to survive without Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy. Looks like, sadly, that wasn't the case. Life & Style is reporting that the Japanese-themed sitdown restaurant -- which, at one point, converted to diner-style offerings through a to-go window -- has closed just six months after doing business. Womp womp.

While this development isn't exactly surprising by any means, and it sounds like Scott is happy to carry on as a reality star and dad of two as opposed to restaurateur, I hope this experience with Ryu doesn't necessarily kill his dream of working in the food biz ...


In fact, in sort of a backasswards way, maybe it's even encouraging that the restaurant couldn't float after he left. So maybe he should have a future in food after all, eh?

Cuz come on, the Kardashians aren't just reality stars! They're entrepreneurs, too! And Scott can't just make an entire career out of being Kourtney's baby daddy and an E! reality star, right? Well, okay, I guess he could. But it seemed like he really was -- at least at one time -- very passionate about being a restaurateur. Maybe it's just that Ryu wasn't the right kind of restaurant for Scott to run ... At the same time, all right, so people care about his Kardashian-ness more than anything else, so clearly, fusing the two would be a recipe for success!

He could open a Kardashian-themed restaurant that's like Planet Hollywood but everything revolves around the Kardashian brand instead of movies and TV? Or as a pops of two now, he could open a Kardashian Kid-themed restaurant/playland where youngins could trade game tickets in for snazzy designer duds.

No, but seriously, how 'bout a nightclub? He has nightclub owner written all over his forehead. By focusing on a bangin' bar and just a few really well-done tapas, he could totally get it right. And oh yeah, sure it wouldn't hurt if he was able to employ his sort of sister-in-law, Kim, to do an appearance once in a while!

Do you think Scott should continue to pursue the restaurant biz or Ryu's failure proves he should stick to reality TV?

Image via E!

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