Jimmy Kimmel Puts Starbucks' $7 Coffee in a Blind Taste Test & People Are Totally Fooled (VIDEO)


starbucks taste testI don't frequent Starbucks that much because I am neither rich nor homeless, so I have to warn you, I don't really know too much about their fancy-pants coffee. That said, I do know what absurd looks like, and at the Seattle-based coffee chain, it's been manifested as a $7 cup of Joe. Starbucks announced this week that its new Costa Rica Finca Palmilera will hit 48 of its US stores, and is their most expensive cup to date.

A "green specialist" for Starbucks says it has hints of pineapple, is "super-clean", and has a lot of "sparkliness." Naturally, Jimmy Kimmel wanted to see if people could tell this magnificent $7 coffee from the regular old cheap stuff ... let the games begin.

Jimmy asked people on the street of Hollywood to taste two cups of coffee. One they said was the cheap stuff, the other, they said, was the $7 Costa Rican Finca Whatever Whatever Fruity Tuity fancy stuff.

These poor coffee drinkers did their best Top Chef impersonations and instantly picked out which cup was the Starbucks $7 coffee, noting that it had a nice finish, great acidity, and a smooth texture. Regular old Padmas these people were!

The catch? Both cups held the same cheap, deli coffee. Goes to show the power of suggestion, right? Check it out:

Interested in trying this $7 cup of lies?


Photo via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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nonmember avatar KA

Yes, power of suggestion is strong, but he should have at least had the real stuff in one of the cups & not have faked the testers out with 2 cups of the cheap stuff. What's the purpose of that?

Karla C. Mulrenan

the purpose of that is that people are a bunch of fake pretentious individuals. you dont need to be told you're drinking cheap coffee....

coffe... coffee.crisp

You can't compare $1 gas station coffee with Starbucks anyway. Actual COFFEE at Starbucks is like $2. What you're talking about is espresso... not the same thing. It's like comparing a gas station donut to your gramma's homemade chocolate cake.

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