Krispy Kreme Donuts Worker Honors Customer's Strange Request in Stunning Act of Kindness (VIDEO)

If you're anything like me, you dread coming into contact with customer service of any kind. My usual experience is one of hair-pulling frustration with the slowness, the rudeness, or the cluelessness -- or the combination of all three. That's why this Krispy Kreme worker, Jackie, deserves all of the attention she's getting. A video of Jackie doing everything she can to fulfill a crazy customer request at the donut shop where she works has been viewed 1.6 million times in 10 days. And there's a Facebook page dedicated to getting Jackie a raise. What did Jackie do when most service workers would have secretly spit in this customer's donuts? Check it out ...


Jia Jiang is an entrepreneur who is taking something called "rejection therapy." He felt his fear of rejection was getting in the way of career success, so his therapy required that he ask "one crazy request" every day for 100 days. The idea, apparently, is that one big ol' rejection a day will make Jia immune to rejection.

So he begins his therapy -- all the while secretly videotaping his experiences and posting them to YouTube of course -- but on the third day of his experiment, he learns more about the good side of humanity than its rejecting side.

When Jia asks Krispy Kreme employee Jackie to make him some donuts in the shape and color of the interlocking O's of the Olympics symbol, Jackie -- despite not having any idea what he's talking about -- does everything she can to get the order accomplished. And watch for the ending. After Jackie spends allllll that time making Jia's wish come true, she does something even more extraordinary.

Jia's lesson? "Sometimes you ask a crazy request, and you get an awesome answer." If only it could always be like that!

Check it out:


Image via YouTube

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