Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez's Problems Mount With Sickening Restaurant Violations


halle berry olivier martinezWhat the hell is going on with Halle Berry these days? That Thanksgiving brawl between her ex Gabriel Aubrey and her current fiance Olivier Martinez was something straight out of the trailer park, or worse, Teen Mom. Both men were sent to the hospital, and Gabriel's got a resultant court date pending, but that isn't the only drama surrounding the Berry-Martinez household. Turns out Olivier's restaurant in Miami is, officially speaking, gross, gross gross, and may or may not serve up steaming piles of food poisoning.

Maybe Gabriel had a bad meal and was out for revenge?

The upscale eatery, Villa Azur, which Martinez co-owns, was given 20 violations by the Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulations last month, 13 of which were "likely to directly contribute to food contamination and illness."

Among some of the critical complaints the inspectors cited were: fish served raw without having undergone parasite destruction; food thawing in standing water; cutting boards on the floor; food stored on the floor; staff handling ready-to-eat food without gloves.

Um, that's disgusting.
I'm always a little wary of celebrity owned restaurants but I would've been inclined to cut Olivier some slack because a) he's not really a real, real celebrity, and b) he's only a half-owner, but dang, this place sounds like they're serving up pan-seared sea bass with a side of salmonella. And dudes, how hard is it to keep the cutting boards off the floor? I mean, come on.
Listen. I'm not saying the Gabriel just spent 24 hours vomiting up his intestines after eating at Villa Azur and came to Halle and Olivier's house looking for blood and a breath mint, but that would make sense. Driving the porcelain bus all night is enough to make anyone knock out a smarmy-faced restaurateur.
Have you ever gotten food poisoning from a restaurant?

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CAP1015 CAP1015

I hate these "blogs".  I am not defending the restaurant in any way, but the blog provide little or no facts other than the number of violations.  For what's it worth, the "food stored on floors" usually involves crates of food sitting on the floor.  Most states require a pallet or screen between the floor and the crate. ( many times the food has just came from a warehouse that has no restriction so it came from the floor but now must sit on a pallet).  Food thawing in standing water is also misleading as this is only a violation is the food is unwrapped and/or exposed to the water.  Again this place may be a pig sty, but many don't realize that you can get a violation for not having all the silverware facing the same direction in a drawer.  It is also a violation if the dumpster in the alley is found open, even though it is required to be a certain distance from the kitchen/door and you can't watch it 24 hours a day.

I wouldn't want to eat a place that has been hit with the above violations but the Blogger here really tried to hype the violations without any journalistic research.


I've been made violently ill by Applebee's.  TWICE.  I wouldn't eat there again if my life depended on it.

Harlan Stueven

Lindsay, it is very disturbing that the upscale Floridian eatery, Villa Azur, which Martinez co-owns, was given 20 violations and is still open. The public deserves to be served safe food when dining out. At DiningGrades.com we are committed to promoting food safety and reducing food borne illness by increasing public awareness. Thank you for increasing awareness.

Wilma Jackson White

I got food poisoning from Brookwood Grill in Roswell, Georgia and it was seafood, so I'm very OCD. I had to be taken to the emergency room. I will never eat there again.

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