Diner Leaves the Cruelest 'Tip' for Overweight Waitress

applebees receiptIt's time for yet another exciting episode of: Horrible Restaurant Bills Posted to Reddit. And this week's Horrible Restaurant Bill really hurts. An Applebee's diner supposedly scrawled "STOP EATING BITCH!" on the tip line of his/her receipt. Please tell me this one's a fake! 

I guess this is what people are doing now? Leaving rude messages on their receipts, I mean. I can't remember this being a "thing" before the past year or so. And now, it's like the rudeness of the Internet has spread and made anyone with a pen, a piece of paper, and a captive audience of one (the server) feel entitled to spread a little more hate IRL.


Every time I see this happen, I just can't believe people can be so bold. I mean -- if you use a credit card (and this guy did), your NAME is right there! So you're not even anonymous unless someone is decent enough to cross out your name before posting on Reddit (I'm guessing there's a rule or something about that). But couldn't the restaurant maybe finagle a way to over-charge you on that receipt as retaliation? Of course, you'd be within your rights to dispute the charges, but it would be a big, embarrassing pain in the ass. I'm not saying restaurants should do that. I'm just saying.

And mocking people for their weight, that's just cruel. You never know how sensitive people feel about that. Sure, there are overweight people with the confidence to take it, folks who just don't care. But for every one of those bold ones, there's another person who hurts every time someone points out to them what THEY ALREADY KNOW, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I'd also like to point out that this directive is pretty rich coming from a single diner who spent $30 at Applebee's. True, the baby back ribs there will set you back for $23, but most of the entrees are more around $15. Did the diner slurp back a sugar-laden cola as well, or a carb-filled beer? What about one of the decadent desserts? Maybe the diner was just super-paranoid and afraid the waitress would steal his food? Or, I don't know ... maybe this was a note to himself?

Anyway, Huffington Post called the restaurant to get confirmation but their messages went un-returned. So who knows -- maybe it's not real. They say maybe it's better to leave a mean message on a receipt than to say it in person. I think, if you wouldn't say it in person, don't write it on a receipt either! What's that saying again? If you can't say anything nice in the tip blank, don't say anything at all ...

Do you think it's ever all right to leave a rude message on a restaurant bill?


Image via yipskip/Imgur

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