Thanksgiving Drinking Game to Help You Get Through Dinner

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Ohhh -- Thanksgiving. How we love you! And how we love the alcohol that is hopefully available -- and flowing quite nicely -- on this family-filled day. Whether you are drinking an ice cold beer, an oaky red wine, or something much harder and on the rocks -- we thought we'd help you add a little spice to your Turkey Day with a drinking game the whole (over 21) family can play.


It's really quite simple. Any time one of the things listed below is said -- everyone must take a drink.

Any time YOU say any of them out loud (or hell -- if you just think them in your head!), then you must take two drinks (while everyone else takes their one).

Any time a child cries during the course of the meal, each participant must take three drinks. Just, please, make sure there is at least one responsible, sober adult to take care of said crying child.

Drink List

I don't want to sit at the kid table.

I'm thankful for ...

Pass the mashed potatoes.

Do I have to eat the [insert vegetable]?

Chew with your mouth closed.

Pass the wine.

Can we have dessert now?

Can I leave the table?

Can I watch TV?

What's the score?

Who's playing today?

I have to unbutton my pants.

Why did I wear these pants?

The diet starts tomorrow.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!

Pass the gravy.

I have to save room for dessert.

I found a wishbone!

The turkey is dry.

I don't like pumpkin pie.

Why is the cranberry shaped like a can?

Is this gluten-free?

When's dessert?

The tryptophan is setting in.


Now print this out so you have it handy. And one last bit of advice ... take small sips and make sure you have a good drink!

Oh -- and have a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!!

thanksgiving drinking game

Image via Dana Beveridge/Flickr

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