Thanksgiving Is for Vegetarians Whether Meat-Eaters Like It or Not

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thanksgiving tableThanksgiving is a holiday that seems to be all about the turkey. The little kids make turkey handprints in pre-school, and the adults debate roasting vs. deep-frying. My fellow Americans, I'm about to lay some Thanksgiving news on you that may shock you. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday ... for vegetarians.

Gotcha, didn't I? 'Tis the season for people to moan quietly about how they have that one vegetarian cousin coming to town who will throw a kink in their meal plans. But the truth is there's no better time than Thanksgiving to be a vegetarian.

Think just for a moment about what you'll have on your holiday table. Yams? Mashed potatoes? Brussels sprouts, perhaps? Broccoli? I could continue to list the various vegetables that typically come out at Thanksgiving, but I think you get my point.

The holiday synonymous with gluttony is likewise a holiday when Americans tend to get a bit more adventuresome with their forays into the garden. Those meat and potatoes types who wouldn't normally touch a green vegetable with a 10-foot pole are all "pass the green beans, and keep 'em coming."

All of this does my heart good as a vegetarian who has heard the "X vegetable is gross" line more often than I can count, usually from people who refuse to try said veggie. But I'm going to take it a step further.

I love Thanksgiving because it's a good time for me. Next to July 4 (what can I say, I'm a summer baby), it might just be my favorite holiday if only because I can easily find enough foods on the table to sustain my hearty appetite. I don't have to make do with one or two sides that may or may not have bacon in them. I can fill right up on good food, and a variety of good foods at that. I don't even need a veggie-ducken!

In fact, if you've ever flirted with the idea of turning vegetarian, now might be just the time. No one is going to give you the stink-eye for loading your plate with the good stuff this week. 

Are you going to be entertaining a vegetarian for Thanksgiving? What will they be eating?


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nonmember avatar Lotte

THANK YOU! I feel weird going to my boyfriend's family for dinner occasions and this year we are going to his parents' for Thanksgiving. But for once, I am not worried about either bringing a Boca Burger or settling on chips and rolls because I know there will be a ton of options.

nonmember avatar Bee

Very true! You always get a plate full of sides, and maybe a small slice of turkey if there's room on your plate. Even before I became a vegetarian, I barely touched the turkey. The sides are the best part of the meal!

nonmember avatar Cass

I'm not a vegetarian, but I can certainly see your point. A third of my thanksgiving guests are vegetarian, and it's really not that hard to just use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock in the stuffing or leave out the bacon in the butternut squash. The only thing I'm serving that isn't vegetarian is the turkey and gravy. Vegan is a little harder and will elicit grumbles though. :)

missusmc missusmc

In our family, no veggie is served without meat in it.  Green beans?  Add ham.  Mashed potatoes?  Mixed with chicken broth.  The only one I'm safe on is sweet potatoes, but I figure its Thanksgiving and I am actually seeing my family, so I won't complain.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are 2 days I compromise and eat a little meat for the sake of just getting along with everyone.

Felip... FelipesMom

In my vegetarian family, we always thought it was HILARIOUS when people asked us "but what do you eat on Thanksgiving???" We were always like, THINK about it people! Ninety-nine dishes, and ONE of them is turkey - we will FEAST lol!

Felip... FelipesMom

...but I do want to point out that, contrary to what your column seems to imply, vegetarians do not only eat vegetables! 

jalaz77 jalaz77

Not a vegitarian but I do eat more of the side dishes than turkey.

Blaze Hazen

Obviously you're not from the south! Here the meat has meat in it. I'm lucky if I get a few rolls that haven't sopped up the grease from something else. Being the only veg in the family means its up to me to eat before I go or not eat at all.

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