Hostess Closes Its Doors: A Look Back at Twinkies & Other Favorite Snacks (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Nov 16, 2012 Food & Party
Hostess Closes Its Doors: A Look Back at Twinkies & Other Favorite Snacks (PHOTOS)

ding dongsIt's hard to believe, but iconic snack maker Hostess is shutting its doors. In bankruptcy court the company said they wanted to liquidate -- and they're blaming striking workers who rejected a new contract. "We deeply reject the necessity of today's decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike," CEO Gregory Rayburn said this morning.

Whatever the reason for Hostess going out of business, it's shocking to think there may be a time when we stop seeing Twinkies and other classic sugary snacks on store shelves. Maybe Hostess couldn't keep up with the times? In the past few years, Americans have been choosing snacks with more "natural" ingredients. But there's still a lot of nostalgic love for those Hostess cakes. Maybe some smart company will snap up the brand and re-release the snacks with an ingredient makeover. We can only hope! 

In the meantime, join us on a little tour through the Hostess Hall of Snacking Fame -- with recipes.

  • Twinkies


    The immortal beloved Twinkie: What's in it that allows it to live forever? The list is so, so long. If you can't live without these golden sponge cakes, make your own homemade Twinkies.

  • Ding Dongs


    Hostess Brand

    Ding Dongs and their cousin, the Hostess Cupcakes (with the cute little swirl on the top), were my favorite snack cakes. I admit, I loved that weird, plasticky chocolate frosting. Not to mention the naughty thrill of saying the name out loud! Tee hee. Here's a recipe for your own Ding Dongs.

  • Ho Hos


    Hostess Brand

    Another Hostess snack cake with a name that makes us giggle. Here's Food Network's recipe for Ho Hos.

  • Dolly Madison Donut Gems


    Hostess Brand

    Depending on how old you are (ahem), you may remember Peanuts Gang characters on the packages of Dolly Madison Donut Gems -- those little donuts that came coated in cinnamon, powdered sugar, or waxy chocolate. They're owned by Hostess Brand. But you can still make your own with this recipe for baked donuts.

  • Zingers


    Hostess Brand

    Zingers -- they're not just for presidential debates! They came in chocolate and vanilla, but I always thought the raspberry was the best flavor. Make your own raspberry zingers with this recipe.

  • Wonder Bread


    Wonder Bread

    Hostess owns Wonder Bread, too! I guess we can live without that squishy, white bread -- although I know people loved that pillowy white stuff. I think I'll miss its colorful circles logo most of all. Don't worry, you can make your own soft-as-Wonder Bread sandwich bread with this recipe.

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