Adorable Thanksgiving Cookie Recipe the Kids Can Make All on Their Own

thanksgiving cookieForget the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing -- the upcoming nationally celebrated family fat day is all about the sweets. From pie to ice cream to whipped cream to candied walnuts, there's not one dessert that is unwelcome at my holiday table ... not the least of which is a Thanksgiving cookie. Who doesn't love sugar and frosting in the shape of a gobble gobble bird? Heathens, that's who. In the next few weeks, you gotta make these super simple turkey cookies. They're cute, they're delicious, and the kids will love to decorate them. Win, win, and win.



Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie


Box of sugar cookies (or you can make them yourself)

Carton of white icing (or you can make it yourself)

Tube of orange icing

Tube of brown icing

Bag of M&M's (I'd like to see you try and make those yourself)

Bag of candy corn with the chocolate bottoms


Ice cookies with the white frosting. Arrange candy corns like turkey feathers at the top. Put some M&Ms on for eyes, and dot in a pupil with the brown icing tube. Draw on beak with the orange icing tube. Viola! Turkey cookies.



Photo via LaurenKates/Flickr

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