5 Foods You've Been Eating All Wrong


cupcakeIn life every so often there are those aha! moments that leave you stunned and wondering how it's possible you never thought of things that way before. Often we're taught to do things one way, and just keep doing them the same old way for most of our life, especially when it comes to things we do frequently -- like eating. So it's incredible to find out there's another, better way to do so.

Over the past couple of months I've come across a series of ways to eat various everyday foods that have seriously blown me away, and I've come to realize just how wrong and ineffective some of my eating habits are. From catsup to cupcakes, here are five foods you're probably eating wrong too.

Prepare to be amazed.

1. Strawberries

Love strawberries, but when cutting away the green part, I often feel like I lose a lot of what I paid for. Check out this amazing technique to pop the top effortlessly and get more berry for your buck.

2. Cupcakes

All that fluffy icing is so delicious, but so difficult to get your mouth around. Forget all the frosting on your forehead and nose and try this instead.

3. Tic Tacs

You go for one or two and end up with half the pack in your hand, right? That's because you've been doing it wrong. Watch this and see how Tic Tacs are supposed to be dispensed.

4. Ketchup

You know those little white cups you pump ketchup into at fast food restaurants and how it takes like a bazillion of them to do the job? That's because you probably don't know how to use those little white cups. Behold.

5. Potatoes

Love potatoes but often pass because peeling is such a pain? Me too, until I saw this completely magic method for doing so. Mashed potatoes for all!

Which of these surprised you the most?


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momto... momtolittleg

Whoa!  Hubby eats cupcakes like that, except he eats the bottom part first, with no icing.

The potato thing is awesome!  I will do that for sure!

nonmember avatar MollyD

I've been eating cupcakes like that my whole life! People always give me crazy looks - but it really is the best way to do it! I credit my mom for that one!

nonmember avatar chilichowder

I'm just sitting here wondering if people actually dip their burgers in ketchup...

I'll probably use at least the strawberry trick at some point!

Gabri... Gabrielle1982

Everyone I know dips their burgers in ketchup!

Alana Muir

I've been eating cupcakes like that for a long time because my mom used to do that in order to pack cupcakes and slices of sheet cake in my lunch without making a huge frosting mess.

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