15 Turkey Brine Tips for a Perfectly Juicy Thanksgiving Bird


Who wants a juicy, flavorful turkey -- raise those hands! We all do, of course, and the secret here is in the turkey brine. Brining is one of a Thanksgiving chef's best secrets. And when it's done correctly, it can make one mouthwateringly juicy roast turkey. (Yes, please!) Don't worry, we've got all the secrets -- here are some of the best tips for brining a perfect bird. 


First we must address the issue many may be having regarding everything Thanksgiving: the stress. It's true -- there can be a lot of stress when it comes to getting the turkey right. Because no one likes a dry turkey, and no amount of gravy can help.

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We're here to help and take all of the stress out of this part. There will be no dry turkeys! These tips aren't just for the seasoned chef, either. Anyone (even those who call boxed mac and cheese their specialty) can get their turkey brined to perfection. These tips are even easy enough for those who detest cooking (can we get a raise of hands for that, too?). 

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Brining is an art, but one that's easy enough for anyone to master. It just requires a little patience, mindfulness, and following these handy tips. 

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