9 Hurricane-Ready Foods You'd Actually Want to Eat

hurricane sandy foodIf you haven't stocked up food yet for Sandy/Frankenstorm's Monster, it's probably too late by now. Stores are closed and we're all huddled indoors with our candles, Halloween candy, batteries, and water. Man, those batteries are going to be tasty! Lots of fiber, too, or so I hear.

No, but seriously, what are you all eating for the next few days? I have a gas stove, so I prepared with the idea that I may still be able to heat some of my food. But I also stocked up on non-perishables we'd actually like to eat. And I did some pre-storm baking and brewing. Here's what we've got for our storm noshing.


Baked goodies: I baked some apple crisp over the weekend and it will be our breakfast for the next few days. It's not going to spoil any time soon. I have friends who baked cinnamon rolls and other goodies. Use those ovens while you've got 'em!

Fruit: Apples and citrus -- they last a long time without refrigeration.

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Fruit squeezers: Those little pouches of pureed fruit. I'll put them in my son's lunches every once in a while (even though a real apple is better, IMHO). But I stocked up on a few more for the storm just in case. Yogurt squeezers are another good idea. Keep those in the freezer.

Granola and bars: They'll fill you up and they're loaded with protein, especially if they're made with nuts. If you lose your power, you can always eat your granola like trail mix. 

Roasted veggies: I'm roasting some cauliflower while my oven still works (unlike my stove, it's hard to light without that electric starter).

Peanut butter and jam: Everyone has this around for PBJs, right? Jam is preserved fruit and will be fine outside of refrigeration for a few days. Even if it starts going fuzzy on you, you'll still have that peanut butter.

Canned foods: Everyone talks about stocking up on canned foods in case of emergency, but how much of that stuff would you actually want to eat -- raw? I picked up some tuna, salmon, and garbanzo beans.

Soups and stews: I've got a lentil stew in the Crock-Pot right now and some chicken stock in the refrigerator. I can warm up either on the stove if I lose power. If for whatever reason I can't light my stove, we'll gobble these up first!

Tortilla chips: I made my own to use up some old, stale tortillas. But I think salty, crisp somethings are essential for surviving a storm. We may pop some corn soon, too.

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What are you planning to eat during the storm?


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