Candy Corn Is the Halloween Candy We Can't Stop Talking About: Love It or Hate It?

candy cornIf you thought pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks are the only limited-edition, seasonal treat people chatter obsessively about, think again. Apparently, the most "buzzed about" Halloween candy is ... candy corn, according to new findings from social media analysis company NetBase. Who knew!?

You might conclude it has something to do with the fact that it's so polarizing. (Kinda like licorice ... but not quite, as it seems more Americans at least dislike licorice than like it.) There are definitely people who ADORE candy corn and those who despise it. Personally, I don't see the attraction. Despite my major sweet tooth, I've just never really gotten into the chewy-meets-chalky texture and the straight-up-sugar flavor. But I do have a theory on why fans of the candy freak out over it this time of year ...


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The obsession with candy corn must stem from the fact that it's a once-a-year, limited-time-only goodie. Similar sweets -- like Peeps (although those are available year-round now, but definitely seem most popular around Easter) and Mallomars, even Girl Scout cookies -- which aren't ours for the noshing any ol' time of year are shoo-ins for cult-like followings! 'Course there are always exceptions ... like candy canes, but not every seasonal treat seems worthy of a passionate fan base.

The even bigger reason adults love candy corn? Not only does it scream fall and Halloween, but it reminds us of being kids again. It's a candy with built-in sentimental value. No marketing necessary! So, as icky as candy corn may be to those of us who loathe it, it really is easy to understand why others love it. The association with sweet (yeah, pun intended!) memories is definitely not the craziest reason to crave a seasonal treat. 

How do you feel about candy corn?

Image via Juushika Redgrave/Flickr

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