'50 Shades of Grey' Burger Gives Guys Bacon While Their Women Get Bondage

bacon cheeseburgerWhile Fifty Shades of Grey may have inspired many ladies to ask their husbands to get more, uh, creative in the bedroom, for some it's gotten them creative in another room in the house: the kitchen. Move over Christian Grey. This other guy's got bacon. A lot of bacon. A lot of hot, juicy bacon. 

The 15 Shades of Bacon burger, created by Matt Spencer, owner of the Custom House restaurant over in the U.K., was made for men, but holy crap! I personally would let someone tie me up if afterward I got to take a bite of one of those. 


The "limited edition" burger comes with a "variety of bacon including chicken-fried bacon, unsmoked back bacon, unsmoked streaky bacon, smoked back and streaky bacon, turkey bacon, prosciutto, bacon infused with cream cheese, pancetta, mortadella, a bacon burger, and flat sausage." Add to that "bacon frazzles, bacon-dusted chips, and baconnaise," which is exactly what it sounds like. Bacon mayo. Swoon.

If given the chance between acting out a few scenes from Fifty Shades Freed and eating a 15 Shades of Bacon, I just might choose the bacon burger. Because let's face it. An amazing meal can be just as satisfying as amazing sex, and you can do it in public. 

Some foods just do it for me, and bacon is definitely one of them. What else is on the list? A good bacon cheeseburger; fresh, crispy French fries; gooey chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. And I'm not alone in this. A study shows that women think about food more often than they think about sex. Maybe it's because we all eat at least three times a day, and sex three times a day, well. We're not all married to Christian Grey. 

What foods do it for you? 


Image via arnold | inuyaki/Flickr

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