Which Presidential Candidate Would You Rather Have a Burger With?

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America, we will find out which candidate you prefer as president on November 6. But you have made your choice for which candidate you'd most like to have a burger with: And it's Obama. Maybe he hasn't fixed the economy for you fast enough and you're still stewing over that supposed "massive" cover-up over Libya. But more of you would still rather nosh with Barry than with Mittens.

When restaurant chain Smashburger polled 2,094 diners nation-wide, Obama came out ahead with 59 percent of the vote while Romney got just 41 percent. And if you think that doesn't matter, why don't you ask yourself why so many campaign stops and press events take place at eating establishments. Here's why this burger poll matters, according to Huffington Post.

This all may sound trivial -- and it obviously is, to some extent. But campaign teams actually spend a great deal of time and thought thinking about what Obama and Romney should eat on the campaign trail, often in an attempt to portray the candidates as folksy and relatable.

And I guess it's no surprise that Obama is more relatable. We've seen him eat all kinds of foods, and we've seen him interact with people from all different walks of life. We're still less familiar with Romney, and maybe that's part of why people seem less eager to chow down on burgers with him. But I think it's also the way Romney carries his wealth -- because, after all, plenty of wealthy people eat hamburgers. But Romney is a special kind of wealthy person.

There's just something about Romney's 20-plus years in private equity, and the way he talks, and the way he combs his hair, and his tight smile that fails to convey "man of the people." Eating burgers with Romney would make me so, so uncomfortable. I feel like he would be kind of stiff but also a bit judgy since I'd have my burger with a beer, and also because I'm just a pleb.

Of course, being folksy and relatable is not all that matters when it comes to being president (Captain Obvious caveat). But it matters nonetheless. Now what I want to know is, why weren't people asked about third-party candidate Roseanne Barr? Now there's someone I'd LOVE to have burgers with!

Which presidential candidate -- including Roseanne Barr -- would you rather have burger with?


Images via BarackObama.com, chichacha/Flickr, MittRomney.com

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Saerise Saerise

Never even heard of Smashburger.

bills... billsfan1104

I am going for burgers tonight yummy.

nonmember avatar Donna

As a lifelong conservative, I'd much prefer Romney. Obama makes my blood boil because of his left-wing ideas and principles. I used to like Roseanne until she started spouting too much left-wing nonsense herself. I liked her better when she was just outspoken, not politically outspoken.

gem09... gem092011

Your political articles are so asinine.

I did like the article/video you posted a week or do ago about a German guy jumping into a frozen pool though. It made me laugh out loud. Please go back to searching out comedic YouTube videos and writing fluff articles. I think you are better suited to those topics. Thanks!

bills... billsfan1104

LMAO Gem. I loved that video too.

RavenV91 RavenV91

Vermin Supreme!

Bob192 Bob192

I would like to have lunch with both!

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