16 Adult Halloween Costumes to Make Your Friends LOL

Halloween used to be just for kids, but now it's as much an adult celebration as a kid one. After all, why should the littles have all the fun?

Funny costumes are especially cool and can often be made with stuff you have around the house. Showcase your sense of humor and your creativity with these hilarious costume ideas, straight from the people who wore them first.

"I was a Twister mat. I glued round pieces of colored felt onto white sweatpants and a white t-shirt. I hadn't really thought it through. You wouldn't believe how many people want to put 'right hand on yellow.'"


A standard prisoner costume, "but hanging around my neck was my 'Police Record.' Most specifically a record album by The Police." '80s flashback!

"Friends were the pegs from The Game of Life. Pink and blue clothes and plastic bowls on their heads for the round effect."

"I did Crazy Cat Lady once. Sweat suit (I was pregnant), lipstick on my teeth, a bag full of stuffed cats, and a photo album of cats."

"I have been the Burger King, Sacajawea, Tinkerbell [note: this is a guy], and the Joker in my adult life. Nothing is better than driving through the BK drive-through dressed like the king."

"When I turned 40, [my husband] was a college kid and I dressed as a cougar (like, an actual cougar). One year, he was a Pittsburgh Steeler and I was a Terrible Towel, last year we were Occupy Wall Street protesters, and one year [husband] was Howie Mandel and I was a Deal or No Deal girl."

"'Paulie' and 'Esther' -- dressed up in all the polyester we could find and wore name tags saying 'Hello, I'm Paulie' and 'Hello I'm Esther.'"

"My husband and I went as Siegfried and Roy one year; easy and funny, although he kiboshed my idea of bringing our cats as their tigers."

"He was Richard Simmons another year and I can hardly type from laughing just thinking about it: blond curly clown wig, short, tight pink tank top (he's a little, um, burlier than Mr. Simmons so it showed a glorious expanse of belly), very, very short exercise shorts and tube socks with sneakers."

"I also had one friend who was a beer bottle and went with five friends to form a six-pack. They cut body-size bottle shapes and the label out of felt and glued it; they made 'caps' out of cardboard."

"I've seen the restored Jesus mural in Spain that the old lady messed up, as well ... some say that will be the hot costume this year!"

What's your costume plan for Halloween this year?

Image via Dave Pampreen

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