Scott Disick Quits Restaurant RYU Because He’s Not a Real Man (VIDEO)

scott disick ryuWell that was quick! Scott Disick is officially out of the restaurant business. This weekend his publicist announced that he cut ties with his restaurant, RYU. Apparently he just hasn't been in New York City enough to attend to his restaurant and he wants to focus more on the Kardashian gravy train. Also, running a restaurant is hard.

I know I don't have to give Scott a hard time for quitting RYU, but I'm gonna anyway. A couple months ago I wrote that Scott needed to stick with his restaurant to save his adulthood. Is he a grown-ass man or what? I am disappointed!

Maybe this was the plan all along? Start as a partner, give the "real" owners a big, splashy opening, and then slip away in the night while the real grownups keep working. In which case, shrug, well done old chap.

It kind of seems like Scott reached a critical point this summer where he was on the verge of getting the boot from Kourtney and losing his main source of fame/income/stuff from the Kardashians, and he had to make a big gesture. So here it is: He's 100 percent Kardashians, all the time. (Scott's so rockin' the family life in Miami, right blonde lady at Connecticut casino?) The only way he'd open another restaurant now is if it were called Kardashian Kafe and it traveled wherever the Kardashians film.

As for poor, spurned RYU, I think it'll be just fine without Disick -- maybe even better. Since it's already co-owned by Fatty Crab's Jesse Camac I think they should bring on Fatty Crab chef Ryan Lamon. (What, too inside baseball?) Now let's think of new celebs RYU could bring on in place of Disick: Alec Baldwin? No, he's on a health kick. James Franco? Art project! Ooh, I know -- Pippa Middleton. She wants to move to New York and love a great party.

Well anyway, thus concludes the short, short story of Scott Disick and the restaurant. Le sigh. It was fun (for us) while it lasted.

Are you disappointed in Scott Disick for quitting the restaurant business?


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nonmember avatar lynda

He's a joke & extremely fake...just like All the Kardashian Clan & Associates, except for Rob, Lamar & Kloe. The display of outright extravagance and expense required to keep the other K. Clan only somewhat happy is so shamelessly vulgar & selfish!! Sure, everyone has right to be happy & earn a living, but really, do they need all the "stuff" & drama over such mundane events? Come on now!!!!!!!!

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