Woman Accidentally Poisons Husband & 2 Kids With Wild Mushrooms (VIDEO)

deadly mushroom
The same mushroom they ate.
It's like Alexander Supertramp all over again, except there weren't any berries and nobody lived in a trailer. Here's the deal. A woman in Connecticut picked a few mushrooms from her backyard and sauteed them with some garlic, onion, and green chilies and enjoyed them at dinner with her husband and two daughters. A few hours later, things got vile. As in near-death-experience vile. Everyone had been accidentally poisoned by the backyard fungus.


At first, the father and the youngest daughter complained of unbearable stomach pains and went to the hospital. A doctor on staff recommended the man call home to check on his wife and eldest daughter and discovered that they, too, were violently ill. The mom pulled it together enough to drive herself and her daughter to the E.R., stopping to vomit twice on the way.

Everyone's been released from the hospital except the oldest daughter, who's expected to be sent home this week. Thank goodness that everyone's OK, because the type of mushroom they ate is nicknamed the "destroying angel" and, in some cases, if ingested, can cause death.

I'm not really one to, like, "not eat things" ... I'm the kind of person who interprets expiration rules more like guidelines and I hardly pay attention to recalls, if only because I'll be damned if something healthy like spinach or peanut butter was caught in my fridge, but shoot, food can be dangerous. One minute you're like "mmm, Mom, these mushrooms are so good!" and the next you're lying in a hospital bed with liver failure, waiting for death. Yikes.

Lesson here -- don't eat mystery mushrooms found in your backyard (and make sure your little ones don't take a nibble in the grass while you're not looking!) and pay some attention to recalls. It's probably worth it.

Do you take food safety seriously?


Photo via pellaea/Flickr

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