Ice Cream Recall Puts Favorite Flavor at Risk: Here's the Skinny

mint chocolate chip ice cream

Turkey Hill is recalling cartons of its Mint Chocolate Chip All Natural Ice Cream. Oh nooooes, who hurt the ice cream? You'll never guess the culprit! Don't worry, it's not gross -- unless you're not a fan of tropical fruits. A customer found an undeclared allergen in the ice cream and called the company right away. Turkey Hill looked into it and have halted production of that flavor. It's one of their biggest sellers, too! So I'm afraid some of us may be out of our favorite flavor of ice cream for a while as they investigate. In the meantime, here are the details you need. 


About a thousand cartons on mint chocolate chip ice cream may have been contaminated with coconut. It was accidentally added right at the tail end of the production of a batch of the ice cream. And since coconut is a known allergen, and there's no warning on those labels, those cartons need to be recalled.

Turkey Hill doesn't know how that coconut contamination happened. But that's why they've halted production of the flavor until they find out. I wonder if they're checking into other flavors as well? I hope so. It's no big deal to most of us, but food allergies can be deadly for some people.

The good news: This recall is limited to Pennsylvania. So everyone else, enjoy your ice cream, coconut allergies or no. Otherwise, Pennsylvanians who bought mint chocolate chip at Turkey Hill Mini Marts, Cold Cut Hut in Philadelphia, Shady Maple Farm Market in Blue Ball, and John Herr's Village Market in Millersville can return their cartons for a refund. The UPC code is: 0-20735-11203-8. For questions call the company at 1-800-MY-DAIRY (1-800-693-2479) or e-mail Customer Relations Department at

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